A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

While You Were Out

After being delayed three days while the ship's warp coils were reinstalled, the Potemkin was finally able to enter the Idran Terminal of the newly restored Bajoran wormhole. The sim started with the ship firmly in transit through the corridor. Tired from the warp coil assembly and a month's isolation in the Gamma Quadrant, the crew eagerly greeted the sight of the Denorios Belt and Deep Space Nine, with an old Miranda-class ship docked at the upper pylon. The station gave the 'Tem the go ahead to the dock at upper pylon three next to the Newton. At the same time, Melina's console suddenly lit up with a myriad of subspace chatter - including a priority one communique from Starfleet Command.

The message from Command was a set of sensor readings of some astronomical phenomenon far far away. It was not visible, but there was a clear anti-proton source that was detectable from thousands of light years away. A message also came in from a certain Admiral stating that Federation scientists were studying the anomaly that had suddenly appeared in the Beta Quadrant and that it should not be considered a threat. Warp began to wonder if this anomaly was related to the wormhole that the Ferengi in the Gamma Quadrant had mentioned. It was Prax who then realized that there had been no news of the Ascendant at all; something odd considering there were poised to take Bajor before the 'Tem had become stranded.

The ship docked at DS9, and Warp had Prax take Melina and Rollands to see what he could find out about the Ascendant. Meanwhile, he took Arkin, Bom, and Micheal up to Stellar Cartography to find out more about this anomaly. Before the groups split up, Arkin was able to triangulate the location of the strange anomaly; it was around 20,000 light years away near the Delta-Beta Quadrant border. Warp and his group made his way to Stellar Cartography where he hoped Bom and Micheal could tweak the sensors to learn more about the anomaly. Prax led Melina and Arkin onto the busy Deep Space Nine promenade and toward a Jumja fruit and juice stand.

Prax was able to gather some information from the operator of the stand. The group was surprised to learn that the Ascendant prince was able to negotiate a truce with the Federation. What's even more, the once aggressive semi-aquatic species had found a planet of their own outside of Cardassia and had peacefully set up their civilization there! As the group wandered away with this new information, Rollands accidentally bumped into an oddly dressed man. He began to rant about "Lev Sto'vo'kor," a belief about the end of the universe drawn from Klingon mythology. His accusations fell on the Ascendant, claiming that they would lead the universe to its end. As soon as he appeared, he wandered away, still ranting and raving.

Meanwhile, Warp and the rest in Stellar Cartography were discussing the anti-protons being emitted from the anomaly. No known wormholes were known to give off anti-protons, leaving Warp to think that the Ferengi had received water down information about the anomaly and presumed it had been a wormhole. Micheal was able to retrieve further sensor data from observation posts in the Beta Quadrant These showed a unique signal of anti-protons being emitted, along with what appeared to be ionized anti-matter. The engineers all realized that this could be a potentially significant supply of energy, while Arkin began to think that she had seen the subspace patterns coming off of the area before...

She ran the modulated frequency of the anti-protons through the data banks and came up with a single match. The anti-protons matched one of the frequencies that Professor Krayne, from The Hollow, was using to try and contact deceased persons that he theorized were living in subspace. This suggested an artificial source, although the sensors seemed to confirm that it was a nature phenomenon. Warp had Bom and Micheal head off to theorize of a way to boost power to the sensors and also to gather up any of the anti-protons being emitted by the object.

The two captains of the Potemkin contacted each other to compare notes on the situation. Each seemed mystified by the events that had unfolded in the last month and agree to continue to search for information. Arkin then spoke up, pointing out that the anomaly had been on sensors for only a week and many thought that it could only have been emitting anti-protons for less than two months. This suggested a subspace influence, something suspicious considering the uncharted area of space where it was located. Warp decided to contact Command to relay their findings and what new information they had to gather.

On the station Prax, Rollands, and Melina crossed into Quark's for more information. After much dealing they were able to learn that the new Ascendant home was in the 51 Pegasi System. However, no one seemed very willing to talk about a potential anti-matter fountain some 20,000 light years away.

The Potemkin had stumbled onto yet another unique mystery...

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