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What Was Lost...

Traveling deeper into the Gamma Quadrant while waiting for the reopening of the Bajoran wormhole, the Potemkin picked up a faint Federation distress called on a RF band. The very use of radio suggests desperation and study showed that the 11-year-old signal originated from a location near where the the USS Sarajevo and USS Proxima had been lost before the start of the Dominion War. Warp ordered the ship toward the signal at warp 9.

En route the crew discussed the probability of survivors on any ship stranded out in space for 11 years. The use of radio means someone had to been jury-rigging the power systems and could have managed to hold on that long. The 'Tem dropped out of warp near the ship and sensors detected a metal mass of roughly 10 million metric tons. Coming closer, the crew could clearly see the registry number - USS Sarajevo NCC-38529. Sensor readings were scattered, with Arkin picking up a number of non-humanoid life signs across the ship and one definite life sign on the Sarajevo's deck five, forward.

Hailing did not produce any results, so Warp ordered the lone life sign beamed straight to sickbay. But before that could happen, the transporter lock wavered and dropped altogether. An away team being necessary, Prax gathered Bom, Rollands, Aston, Melina, and Geisbrecht to try and beam to spot on the ship and make their way toward deck five, forward. If not, T'Par was to have a shuttle standing by as back up. Nguyen said the problem was localized and that he could place the crew on another deck. Those on the bridge tried to figure out what happened to the Sarajevo and observed that the non-humanoid life signs had to be the pets of the crew.

As soon as the away team beamed onto the older vessel, an awakened cat launched itself at Prax and then ran into the corridor. A door placard revealed they were on deck 4, just one above the life sign. They made their way toward the nearest Jeffries tube, and down to the next deck. Here the air smelled less like animal decay and dander, suggesting someone had set up a crude air-filtering system. The crew found a wall of debris, with a small footpath winding through it and around a corner. Rollands was able to detect a heat source from around that same corner. As they approached, another cat came tearing around the corner, this time pursued by some type of dog.

Arnet and Warp both contacted the away team at this point to check on their progress, but also to warn that someone who had potentially been isolated for 11 years would be anti-social and would not react to well to the sudden presence of strangers. Prax took this under advisement but cut the channel when a figure emerged along the path - a long haired Vulcan with an old-style engineering uniform. Aston's tricorder revealed that Salbok had a broken leg and was malnourished. Prax tried to approach as peacefully as possible, but the stranger would only give his name, rank, (Lieutenant Salbok) and serial number - as if under interrogation. When the team tried to approach, a look of derangement appeared in his eyes and he fled.

Prax had Bom, Rollands, and Melina to branch off and try to see if they could find out what happened to the ship. Meanwhile, the rest of the team followed him to try and reason with Salbok. They found the lieutenant sitting in an adjoining room, cleaning the corpse of a cat for roasting on a near by fire. He did this all with great disdain and the away team realized that the lieutenant has to resort to eating meat in order to survive - which couldn't have helped his sanity. Prax tried to reason with the Vulcan, but the latter pointed out that the odds of someone picking up the RF signal he sent were astronomical, so Prax and the rest could not be real.

Eventually Prax was able to prevail on Salbok that they were real and a ship was waiting to take them away. The crew members with Prax helped carried the Vulcan to wear Nguyen could lock onto them with a transporter and beam them directly to the Potemkin's sickbay. Meanwhile, Bom and company asked for a power transfer from the 'Tem to help boot up the Sarajevo's systems. The ship slowly came back to life, with some consoles exploding after not having power for so long. The warp core was completely shot and nothing Bom and the rest could do would bring it online.

Back in sickbay, Salbok's presence set off alarms. Scans revealed that the lieutenant was a carrier for the Hur'q virus encountered a week before. Aston's scans showed that Salbok had been self-controlling his metabolism, putting him in almost a hibernation-type state, to control this. Arnet set up a decon chamber for everyone in sickbay to go through in order to be treated for the virus the Vulcan was carrying, and then set about freeing Salbok from the disease as well. He ordered everyone else to pass through the decon while he and Aston saw to their guest. In the mean time, Bom, Melina, and Rollands prepared the Sarajevo for towing back to the Alpha Quadrant - both her and the last of her crew were heading home.

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