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Triple Jeopardy

Six days have passed since the incident at the Pollard Mining Facility and the disagreeable visit from Joseph Cornell and his threats of court martial. The Potemkin has been ordered to return to Starbase 74 for an initial round of hearings. Sitting in the hot seat - Captain Mitchell, Commander Arnet, and Commander Arkin. The crew gathered in the large hearing room aboard the starbase to meet whatever fate awaited them.

The room was empty except for the crew for a few minutes. Warp, Arnet, and Arkin nervously exchanged sentiments before their hearing, while those observing whispered in hush tones about what was going to happen. Sitting, unseen, in the back was Joseph Cornell and Aren Remal. The tension was broken by the arrival of Admiral Jenson, who called in the court reporter and asked to get started. He identified the three involved in the hearing and then started the proceedings. He acknowledged that there was a good deal of paperwork involved in this case, and a lot of peculiar incidents, but also noted that paperwork could only tell so much. He wanted honest answers from everyone and that the hearings would be as painless as possible. His warm tone was comforting, but what happened next was anything but. Jenson called Joseph Cornell to the stand.

When questioned for a brief synopsis of his findings on the Potemkin, he launched into a small tirade against the crew. He started with the reasons Admiral Atherton and the Federation Security Council asked him to investigate in the first place. Then came the accusations that the crew regularly was involved in temporal mistakes, meddling with other cultures, and dimensional mishaps. His report was very negative and did its best to cast the crew in a bad light. After he was done with his condemning testimony, Jenson asked about Remal and if she could testify.

This she did, albeit a bit reluctantly. The crew, expecting a repeat of the last night, were pleasantly surprised. Remal did testify that there was an odd number of strange happenings that occurred on board the Potemkin, and that the crew could be insubordinate at times. However, in the next breath, she admitted that in most cases there was nothing that could be done, and that she could hardly judge command decisions because she was not a command officer. Although some of her early reports seem negative, she asked that they be considered in the light that she was new to the crew and was working for someone hostile to the crew.

Nodding at the unexpected testimony of Lieutenant Remal, Admiral Jenson then asked if Warp had anything he wanted to say. Warp took the stand and, eloquent as ever, made an impassioned plea that the Admiral consider everything involved before deciding on such a serious thing as a court martial. Jenson said that he would take a few moments to confer with his colleagues and would be back in a few moments. He then unceremoniously left the crew to their own devices. The crew seem genuinely optimistic, especially after Remal's testimony. However, both Warp and Arnet acknowledged that this was far from over and that Jenson could do other things beside a court martial.

All speculation was cut short by the reappearance of Admiral Jenson. He revealed that he had consulted with Admirals Pine, Sorin, Atherton, and Anderson - all who had been involved with the 'Tem at one point. He admitted that there were mixed opinions among those he consulted, and more deliberations were needed. Until that time, however, the three officers were in question were suspended from active duty and were asked to stay on the ship or the base.

After the Admiral left, the rest of the crew came forward to commiserate. Prax vowed that this would not stick and he would get all their contacts to back them up. Warp gave his blessing on Prax and Bom leading the 'Tem for the moment's time - and not a moment too soon; a yellow alert soon swept through the starbase. The crew was informed that long range tracking stations had picked up what looked to be at least two Ascendant vessels coming from near the Holt Nebula. Prax and Bom immediately beamed to the Potemkin and got the ship to the ready. Meanwhile, still on the base, Warp told Arkin to go and help the starbase anyway she could. He then told Arnet that they had work to do. And they could only watch as Prax ordered the Potemkin out toward the Holt Nebula.

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