A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


After being stranded in the Gamma Quadrant by the month-long closure of the wormhole, the Potemkin has taken the opportunity to do a bit of exploration. Their travels have taken them to the Mohn, a warp-capable planet that was under Dominion control and has only been visited once by Federation representatives. The choice was not coincidental. Sensors picked up high levels of Beltane radiation coming from Mohn and has moved to investigate.

Arnet asked about this radiation and Prax explained that Beltane radiation is entirely artificial, and that it could be the byproduct of attempts of an interstitial drive, an experimental propulsion system that could move a ship much like a wormhole does but over shorter distances. The problem was that Federation attempts have been highly unstable and flammable. Rollands reported that the radiation in this sector wasn't too concentrated, but it was spread out over a two AU-wide area.

Once in orbit, Prax opened hailing frequencies, but no one answered. The radiation made it unclear how many, if any, life signs were on the planet. Arnet after recommending a cocktail of anti-radiation medication and limiting exposure to 30 minutes, put together an away team of Fuller, Melina, and Rollands. The group assembled in the Tiber and began to descend toward the planet's surface. Melina pinpointed a concentrated patch of radiation on the southern continent and picked up traces of comm signals coming from a particular volcano in the region. Fuller took the ship toward the spot.

Meanwhile, the Potemkin began to move along the planet to investigate from their end. After moving to the other side of the planet the ship suddenly came face to face with a Jem'Hadar warship. The ship fired, but their shots were easily absorbed by the 'Tem's shields. Another volley produced similar results. Arkin's reading confirmed that the ship was old and less powerful than most Jem'Hadar ships. Down on the surface, Rollands detected a lone native and the away team made their way toward a rock canyon where they found the native harvesting a white substance from a machine in the rocks.

The native Mohnian, Grodin, seemed deathly afraid of having Federation members so close. His answers to the away team's questions revealed that there were still a Vorta and Jem'Hadar on Mohn and they had been feeding the inhabitants propaganda that the Dominion was winning the war against the Federation. The Mohnian was uncooperative and refused them access to the ketracel-white machine he was operating. When he picked up a rock and became hostile, Arnet was forced to stun him. They decided to head toward the signs of civilization Melina had found in hopes of finding the Vorta still running the planet.

In orbit, the 'Tem managed to cripple the Jem'Hadar ship, but they refused to answer any hails. Arkin's sensors revealed an absence of life signs aboard the vessel, and that all power was being rerouted to the warp core. Soon the core began to overload, and, before the 'Tem could pull away to a safe distance, the Jem'Hadar vessel exploded. The 'Tem was rocked by the blast but survived more or less intact. Planet side, the away team found a compound guarded by three Jem'Hadar. A brief firefight ensued, with the away team managing to take out the defenses and get inside the compound.

Inside a main reactor room they found a weary-looking Vorta named Vromir, who warned them not to shoot and that he could destroy the planet with a flick of a button. Vromir gloated that he and his handful of Jem'Hadar had easily convinced the scared Mohnians that the Dominion had returned and had made them create the artificial wormhole to get back to the founders, even if the radiation was slowly killing them. The Vorta tried to beam away through the wormhole, but Melina and Rollands were able to shut down his equipment and keep him in the room, where he was quickly subdued by Fuller.

The source of the radiation shut down, the immediate danger was past. However, it would take many years before Mohn could make a full recovery.

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