A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

The March

Three days after meeting a large caravan heading toward the stellar fountain in the Beta Quadrant, the Potemkin and Accipiter found the course took them through a dense patch of stellar nurseries almost a thousand light years across. The best option was to head straight through and avoid the new stars and nebulas.

As the sim opened, Warp hailed the lead vessel, the Alirii, and asked for permission to join them at the head of the fleet to help guide the other ships through. He reasoned that the Potemkin's sensor array would be useful in charting a course and helping other ships pass through. Klorath, the Alirii captain, was hesitant, but agreed.

As the 'Tem slipped into the nursery, it passed through some gravimetric distortion and the sensors were scrambled by the surrounding nebulae. Bom and Rollands were dispatched to work on clearing up the sensors, while Warp and Prax tried to keep track of the ships they were leading through.

Suddenly the ship hit another large wave of gravimetric sheer. It subsided after a moment, but it signaled a difficulty for ships to follow. The trailing vessels moved around the disturbance, but right before the sensors cut out again, Warp spotted a ship that hadn't stopped moving and was heading directly toward the Accipiter. He called for an all-call to the ships to stay on course, but communications were equally useless as were sensors.

When the view screen kicked up again, half the ships had stopped moving, and the Accipiter's starboard wing was broken, with fires fed by decompressing apartments. The ship that had collided with the Warbird was tumbling behind with an apparent loss of power. Warp ordered the Potemkin to execute a careful turn and help the damaged vessels. Prax, Melina, Bom, and Arnet were ordered to beam over to the damaged vessels and help with their engineering/medical needs.

However, the Accipiter broadcast a message saying it could operate its tractor beam and safely pull out the damaged ships. Unfortunately, it had sustained heavy damage and could not continue the voyage. Warp originally wanted to pull out of the stellar nursery himself and escort the Romulans back to their territory, but was convinced by Prax and Arnet that Rokan could make the journey himself and would be in no immediate danger. The more pressing concern was escorting the fleet of ships to the anomaly.

A plan was hatched to disburse pockets of heavy metals into the gravity wells of the nursery that could cut down on the gravimetric sheer. Bom and Prax eventually release ten batches into different areas and slowly the gravimetric sheer became less. Still, the Potemkin watched as the damaged Accipiter limped out of stellar nursery and the last familiar face turned back...

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