A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

The Dark Planet

Three days after the incident on Mohn, the Potemkin has stumbled upon a curious planet in a charted, yet unexplored, system. The planet is M class, but orbiting a blue star. It has a high concentration of rain forest, but the equatorial surface temperature is only around 12 degrees Celsius. Upon entering the system, the science teams began to examine, finding it high amounts of vegetation but no life signs. Rollands found the planet's cloud cover consisted of 40 percent ash and it could account for the warmer pole regions and the lower-than-usual equatorial surface temperature.

Arkin's sensors suddenly registered a solitary life sign, but it disappeared after a few seconds. Almost simultaneously, Melina picked up a small metal object located about .5 AU from the planet. As the 'Tem moved to investigate, the metal object began arcing toward the planet, apparently possessing thrusters. As it moved closer, the life sign began to appear again. It disappeared a few times, but finally came on steady. Warp ordered a general hail, but received no answers. Arkin then was abled to detect a 3 meter-wide door of sorts built into an area near where the life sign was detected. Deciding that this needed to be investigated, an away team was put together, led by Warp himself.

They beamed to the planet's surface and found an nearly unspoiled world. A quick walk brought them to the hill where the coppery door was could clearly be seen. They appeared to open with faint heat traces around them. Arnet slipped inside to have a look, with the rest of the crew following suit. They appeared in a long hallway made of the same copper-like metal, and there was a faint pink light at the other end. As they crew approached they found an odd symbol carved into the wall, and a 400-year-old Klingon skull with an ominously smashed in section.

While the crew debated about what Klingons were doing this far out centuries ago, a buzzing sound filled the room. A hidden door in one of the walls opened, and a 2.5 meter-tall figure clad in insectoid-looking armor stepped out. All the humans in the room suddenly had the same reaction - they needed to run and get away. The figure stepped toward the crew, and the humans suddenly found themselves involuntarily kneeling in a forced bow. The creature seemed aware of this and uttered something in a guttural language, which had the effect of negating whatever influence it was having on them. Arkin's scans revealed some sort of latent psychic bond between the creatures and the human crew members.

Warp suddenly had the term "Hyksos" come to mind and Arnet remembered it too. It meant "Outsider" or "Foreigner" and suddenly remembered, almost unnaturally, that a group called the Hyksos had ruled Egypt on Earth thousands of years before. The being stepped fully into the light and revealed an armor that made it to look like a giant ant. On the breastplate were carved crude Klingon symbols that read "Hur'q"- the outsiders that once had sacked Qo'noS. The Hur'q emitted a loud buzzing sound and Fuller and Rollands both groaned and dropped to the ground. Fuller's skin started to harden and turn black, like the Hur'q's armor.

The insect finally spoke in terms the translator could recognize and, addressing the crew as children, said they had come to the appointed place. Thousands of years earlier they had ruled their world and set their future course, but now it was time to collect their harvest.

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