A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Terminal Velocity

After the destruction of the Holt Nebula by the Planet Killer, the Potemkin turned back toward Starbase 74 and set off at warp 8. Repairs were still underway after the destructive battle with the Ascendant vessels, and the plan was to argue with the admiralty to release Captain Mitchell, Commander Arkin, and Doctor Arnet.

The crew was recovering slowly, but surely, from the experience of the last couple of hours. Lieutenant Rollands was released from sickbay after being fixed up from a concussion and some burns from her exploding console. Micheal groaned out loud when he saw that he was working on repairs with the hard to handle Ensign Vassar. Ensign Little, the newest bridge officer, reported for duty and (after a bit of badge polishing) was asked to take helm. Things started to seem normal, including Phozic having a good deal of ready paperwork, but it was all interrupted when a series of power fluctuations occurred all over the ship.

Sensor sweeps showed that the 'Tem was not being followed, and the engineers could not figure out why the power was fluctuating. Things became even more sticky when power dropped from life support for 2.1 seconds. This was shortly followed by lights failing completely on the bridge. When emergency lighting did not kick in, the crew was forced to resort to using torches to see. Greatly complicating the situation, the red alert klaxons began to sound - and artificial gravity failed. Although these problems eventually reversed themselves, the red alert remained on. Jordan and Rollands worked to lock out the vital systems, to make sure they couldn't randomly go out again, and Phozic was asked to contact the starbase. Unfortunately, the power failed yet again, but Melina thought she caught an energy spike somehow connected to the outside of the dual secondary hull by the bridge.

Prax, upon looking over at the readings coming off the engines, suddenly realized that there was a problem with the engines - they wouldn't be able to slow the 'Tem down, at least not easily. An EVA was organized with Bom, Phozic, and Vassar to check out Melina's energy spike. Meanwhile Prax consulted with Micheal about how to slow down the ship with initial dampers down. Micheal wouldn't suggest it, but there were not many other options. Prax ordered Micheal to cut the anti-matter and matter flows by 50% on his command. The EVA team continued clomping down the hull toward the source of the energy spike. What they found was a pearl shaped box directly over a power junction in the hull. It didn't take long to figure out that it was shielded and most definitely Ascendant technology. While they were examining it, the ship tried to slow down; the inertial forces slowly crushing the crew and rattling every part of the ship. Unfortunately, the attempted slow down didn't work - the warp field jumped up again. Bom's team found the device to be shield, but as more energy passed through the junction it was plugged into, the weaker the shield became.

Prax and Fuller engineered a power burst to the section where the Ascendant power device was attached, and Bom prepared to fire a phaser to sever the connection with the hull. The first shot failed to penetrate the shield, but a second shot was able to strike metal - and vaporized the device entirely. The effect nearly immediate. Initial dampers came back online, and full power began flowing back. The feedback blew out a few consoles, but all in all the ship was in full working order again. However, Bom found that the device had bored into the hull and connected directly into the power conduits. Prax remember that during the battle they had taken damage to that section of hull; apparently they device had been what they thought was a phaser blast. The Ascendant had a few tricks up their sleeve...

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