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Submerged Secrets

The Potemkin had arrived at the planet Argo the hope of finding a cure for the terminally ill Fst. Lt. Melina. Captain Mitchell ordered Ensign Tran to hail the planet; the call was answered by Cadimir, a green skinned humanoid with a fish like fin on his head. He seemed surprised that a Federation ship would have an Argosian aboard, but said that he would help in whatever way possible. After some disagreement about it, Warp ordered the whole command crew to beam down to meet the Argosians and seek help for Melina.

Nguyen's magic landed the crew in a large, circular chamber that did not seem to be under water at all. However, the chamber did have armed guards and seven fish like humanoids, including Cadimir. He came forward, but confessed that he knew little of Argosian physiology. He, and a female named Lemura, then revealed that they were "Aquans". The Argosians had actually split off of from the Aquans after some contact with the Federation over a century earlier. Another Aquan, Tamir, noted that the Argosians did not communicate with (and tended to be hostile toward) outsiders. Still, the crew insisted on finding Melina's race in order to find a cure. Cadimir relented and promised the use of an unmarked craft to carry them into the deep waters of Argo's oceans to find the Argosians.

Arnet, Fuller, Savage and Prax were assigned to take Melina to her people, but they were warned that they were potentially going into a war zone. Cadimir also made the note that there were rumors of a human somewhere on the planet. Tamir led the group toward the craft and let them take off. At the same time, Cadimir revealed that, from what he knew, Melina had been banished by her people. He further explained that the main divide between the Aquans and the Argosians was that the Aquans wished to join the Federation, but the Argosians were so xenophobic that they would rather go to war first.

Meanwhile, the small vessel afforded to the crew arrived at the destination. However, no one greeted them with communications - instead the vessel was rocked by phaser fire! The crew began to look for a weapon on board that would let them fire on their attackers, but there was no such luck. Suddenly, an Argosian appeared outside the front of the ship and leveled his weapon to burst the window - but was suddenly struck down before being able to fire. A knock was then heard on the bottom hatch. Cautiously, the crew opened it - and who should appear but the missing and presumed dead Lieutenant Micheal!

Micheal revealed that he knew where they could get a cure for Melina and took the ship off toward a research facility. He refused help, saying he could get the job done on his own, and slipped out of the ship before anyone could stop him. He came back a few minutes later with a vial and tell Fuller to take them back to Aquan territory immediately. Arnet immediately moved to give Melina the medicine while the away team flew off through Argo's ocean to meet up again with the rest of the crew and then head home.

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