A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Somewhere Beyond The Sea

After the legal proceeding that led to Captain Mitchell and Commander Arnet and Arkin to stay on Starbase 74, the 'Tem was dispatched to help with a situation developing near the Holt Nebula. It was believed that a few Ascendant vessels had gathered near the Mutura-class nebula, but long range sensors were unable to pin point an exact number. The sim opened with the Potemkin dropping out of warp near the nebula at red alert.

Prax and Bom were introduced to Yeoman Phozic, the paper work driven captain's assistant, but any humor derived from the eager Denobulan was quickly drained away by Rollands's announcement that she had a grand total of seven Ascendant vessels on sensors. They ordered Fuller to have weapons at the ready and for Melina to take the ship into com range. Rollands, at the request of Prax, charted the course to find that the Ascendant had radically shifted from for their previous course to come to the nebula. Sickbay, under the nervous Lt. Anera, and engineering with Micheal and Ensign Chloe Vassar, both checked in to report their readiness.

Suddenly, long range sensors picked up another group of smaller ships coming out of warp by the 'Tem. The vessels were soon identified as Salyerite and, with a sense of doom, they sent a message saying that "Nefario welcomes the Ascendant." Prax explained that the Salyerites were offshoots of the Andorian with purple skin and gray hair. The Nefario were a crime syndicate that the Potemkin had run into before - with disastrous results. This time didn't seem much different, they responded to a general hail by taking pot shots at the 'Tem. Another fired a photon torpedo that weakened the shields and caused a heavy explosion in engineering. Other vessels started to harass the 'Tem and Prax ordered preparation to be made for the jump away from the nebula.

All this hadn't been missed by the Ascendant. One of them veered to meet the 'Tem and fired a well placed shot that scored a hit onto the Potemkin's dual secondary hull. Casualties started coming into sickbay, flooding Anera. A few other shots by the Ascendant collapsed the warp field, which naturally sent the engineers sprawling. During the same time, the six other Ascendant vessels and the Nefario ships started to head into the nebula. Fuller and Liv managed to disable the ship attacking them, and the crew contemplated heading into the nebula - a move that would negate both sensors and shields. However, before anyone could react, one of the Nefario ships turned and destroyed the Ascedant vessel!

The Nefario then turned around to contact the 'Tem. It turned out to be a Salyerite with a gray beard who introduced himself as Xeasriaa, the head of the Nefario syndicate. He revealed that the 'Tem hadn't been destroyed because the Nefario had actually lured the Ascendant there with the promise of a map to their Fable Home. It was all a ruse to destroy the enemy that had taken out two of their outposts and several of their ships. Xeasriaa then offered the 'Tem an alliance against a common foe. Prax consulted with Bom and Jordan, but eventually decided to help out - under the condition that the 'Tem would not help kill anyone. Xeasriaa agreed and sent a flight path to guide them through the nebula; he then abruptly cut the channel.

Meanwhile, engineering was in a world of hurt from the battle damage. Vassar had to put on a radiation suit to fix some major problems near a plasma leak. After that, she and Micheal had to work on getting the warp core up and running again. Against all odds they did, and the 'Tem glided into the nebula. Vassar went up to sickbay with a fellow engineer to have him treated, where she ran into the busy Lieutenant Anera. Up on the bridge, sensors were murky at best. Shields were off line and Melina was given instructions not to take the previously arranged flight plan too seriously. Things immediately seemed to turn south. It was discovered that there were four Ascendant vessels remaining, and only five Nefario ships - the rest had been destroyed.

The 'Tem started to experience a power drainage, much like their first meeting with the Ascendant. Prax had the 'Tem pull out of the nebula and get as far away as possible. They caught a message from the last surviving Nefario ship - it stated that their enemy had deployed some sort of super weapon. Readings from the nebula started to confirm this; certain gases were being drained and high levels of neutronium was detected. The Ascendant slowly began to emerge from the diminishing nebula. One of them circled the last remaining Nefario ship and destroyed it with one shot of its awesome weapon.

Then, in one horrifying moment, another vessel emerged and swallowed up the rest of the nebula. It was a Planet Killer, an automated weapon once used in a long forgotten war. The Ascendant seemed to forget all about the 'Tem and turned, with the Doomsday Device, and jumped to warp. Things had just gone from bad to worse.

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