A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Scattered to the Wind

After the Potemkin rescued the Goodall's science team, it returned to the caravan en route to the Celestial Fountain. Two weeks later, the course has taken the group of ships within a light-year of a magnetar and the majority had altered course to avoid the rare neutron star. However, the Potemkin chose to steer toward the star in the interest of scientific advancement.

As the sim opened, the 'Tem was on yellow alert and two-lights years from the magnetar, about to broach the dense ring of gas surrounding the star itself and already feeling the gravimetric distortions. Warp order three class-one probes prepared to study the nebula around the magnetar while the 'Tem passed through differing layers of dense gases.

Finally it passed through a final level revealing the dazzlingly bright light of the neutron star. The Potemkin had entered a nearly two-light-year spherical void around the magnetar. Warp ordered the probes released and for the ship to set up in a position to acts as a fourth sensor post.

At this point sensors picked up a ship, 10 parsecs out, that was heading toward the 'Tem. The crew theorized it could be a member of the convoy, but that it could also be the magnetic field of the star messing with sensors.

Before that mystery could be cleared up, another gravimetric wave hit, this one causing the ship to rumble considerably and an alarm on the bridge's engineering console to sound. Tora found the gravimetric sheer was causing structural integrity generators to fail and secondary systems were having to compensate. In addition, sensors dropped for a moment, and when they came back up the mystery ship was gone.

Worried that the secondary generators would not be able to withstand another such bump, Warp ordered the ship to turn and flee from a second wave heading its way. The 'Tem soon caught up with the first wave and slowed to follow it, waiting until it dissipated before moving fast. Unfortunately the second wave was moving faster than anticipated and would soon overcome the Potemkin. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Warp ordered the ship to slow to warp 1 and let the second wave over take them.

The second wave hit harder than expected, collapsing the warp field and sending the ship tumbling. Main power failed and secondary was holding on by a threat. Shields, engines and sensors were down and structural integrity was down to 23 percent. Arnet reported sickbay had 47 injuries so far and went to the turbolift to head down there.

When sensors came up again it showed an even bleaker picture - another wavefront was en route and would hit in 30 seconds. Wham - it hit and the crew was tossed hard against the bulkheads again. Arnet, stuck in a turbolift, was knocked hard against the wall and floor. He could barely answer Warp's call to see if he was alright. Even worse, secondary power had failed and emergency power was now strapped.

Melina dispatched a distress signal to the convoy while Fuller and Morra headed to rescue the trapped and wounded Arnet. Engineers rushed to get what they could working while the ship groaned at the slightest gravimetric wave that passed by. Finally shields were raised on the side of the ship facing the star.

After a few more minutes Melina received a static-laced response to his distress signal. Klorath was rushing to the Potemkin's aid and would be on scene in 15 minutes. However, he revealed only three ships were accompanying him; five ships would not risk coming to the Potemkin's aid.

Heartened by this news, the crew continued on repairs. Fuller and Morra were able to rescue a bloodied Arnet, and the ship was able to withstand a few more minor gravimetric waves. Sensors picked up four approaching ships, but Klorath hailed again to say another large wave was approaching. Warp replied that the Potemkin couldn't stand up to that beating, so the Alirii ordered the ships with him to come in formation around extend their shields around the Potemkin.

However, Tora and Bom working in tandem managed to get warp engines back online and Warp signaled for the 'Tem and the rest of the ships to jump to warp ahead of the wave. Within a few moments the ship was safely past the gas clouds around the magnetar.

Warp called for a halt saying the ship had to enact repairs, but the rest of the caravan became impatient saying they had enough of the Potemkin's delays. Even the Alirii chose to remain with the rest, with Klorath saying the Potemkin had proven itself strong enough and that the rest of the fleet needed their protection.

Promising to see the fleet again some day, the Potemkin watched as the caravan jumped to warp without it, leaving the ship once again alone in uncharted space light years from home.

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