A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


The 'Tem has been back in the Alpha Quadrant for four hours after their extended exile in the Gamma Quadrant. Unfortunately the crew was forced to leaved the battered Sarajevo behind when they returned to DS9. A small away team was assembled to cross back into the Gamma Quadrant and get the Sarajevo's thrusters working and pilot it the last few thousand kilometers to the wormhole.

The team, aboard the runabout Tiber crossed into the Gamma Quadrant and came across the old ship. The crew discovered the Sarajevo's shuttle bay doors open, prompting concerns of scavengers entering the vessel. Rolland's scans showed four indeterminate life signs aboard. Bom brought the shuttle to a landing, but ordered Lieutenant Castleman to secure the shuttle bay as soon as they landed.

A small brown shuttle was parked in the bay, and a database search came up with one match - it is a "Tosk" vessel, matching a 16-year-old description from DS9. There were no lifeforms detected near the shuttle, but Uatu confirmed that the visitors had managed to restore power to the old vessel - something the crew had yet been able to do. Bom decided, since the guests had done half the work for them, to head straight to engineering and finish the crew's assigned job.

Halfway to engineering, Aston, who had been ranting about "super-cats", sudden ran into something in the middle of the corridor. It turned out to be a crocodilian humanoid who did not register on Rolland's scans of lifeforms. The alien, who identified itself as Tosk, said it did not mean to steal the ship, and would leave with the crew's help. Tosk said he was being hunted by the other lifeforms the crew had detected, but he could hid with the away team and escape. The crew were processing all this when a blast of energy was shot down the hall. A tall figure in a red suit and silver helmet stood down the corridor.

It announced it was not there to harm the away team and was only there for it's "prize," but the away team took cover with the Tosk and ordered the intruder to leave the ship. The hunter removed it's helmet and announced it would leave once he had Tosk. He explained Tosk would be taken, killed, and put on display in the capital of its home world - adding that Tosk was bred to serve as sport and had no rights in the matter.

Hearing this, Bom signaled to Castleman to stun the hunter. The alien went down while the crew ducked down a Jeffries tube to get to engineering. Once the team had reached the destination, Bom made sure everyone was accounted for and asked Castleman to guard the entrances. The plan was to carry out the mission from engineering and then take care of the hunters still on the ship.

However, energy blasts pounded the doors to engineering. With everyone concentrating on the doors, they were caught off guard by the sound of clapping from the second tier of engineering. Another hunter stood there and congratulated the crew on making the hunt so interesting. Once he learned the crew's determination to protect Tosk, he opened fire, but was hit by a well-aimed phaser shot by Castleman.

The crew barricaded themselves in engineering, while Rollands and Melina confirmed impulse engines were working and the ship could be steered through the wormhole. Bom ordered it done and the ship started to move. A low rumbling sound was heard a few decks down and Tosk explained it was the hunters leaving the ship. When questioned about why the hunters were give up so easily, Tosk said they would return with greater numbers to overpower the crew and extract Tosk. However, the anomaly (wormhole) is out of bounds for the hunt, so they would not follow the ship through.

Slowly, but surely, the Sarajevo crossed the wormhole threshold on it's way to the Alpha Quadrant.

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