A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


As the sim opened, the Potemkin had been in orbit of Bajor for seven hours, after making the two week trip to the system from Starbase 74 after receiving news a month ago that the Ascendent considered the planet their Fablehome and would arrive to decimate its inhabitants. The 'Tem was joined by the Tycho, Adamant, Currie, and the Cincinnatus. This flotilla combined with the Deep Space Nine, the Defiant, and the Bajoran Defense Force to stand against the coming Ascendent. The 'Tem was in command of the Federation forces and the ship remained constantly at yellow alert.

With the news that the Bellerophon was only two hours out, the crew could only sit and wait for more forces or there foes to show up. Long range sensors flared to life, detecting massive neutrino bursts - the calling card of the Planet Killer. Soon Arkin was able to read five standard Ascendent vessels closing in, with the Planet Killer following behind. Fuller and Ryan were ordered to take the Donnar and Loge, respectively, to do some scouting, while Melina coordinated with the rest of the fleet. Warp ordered the Cincinnatus and the Adamant to follow the 'Tem to engage the Ascendent.

The lead Ascendent vessel fired on the Potemkin, causing damaged to deck 9, port. The rest of the vessels turned toward the planet to engaged the defense fleet, with the slower moving Planet Killer falling behind. The Ascendent broadcast a message on all channels, telling the Bajorans that this was their day of reckoning and that the Ascendent would have revenge on the "evil gods" who had forced them to flee from their Fablehome. The Potemkin continued to fire, but was struck by an energy dampening weapon somewhere on deck Gamma. This played havoc with lights and gravity, and sent Bom and Micheal sprawling to find and destroy it.

Out in the heat of battle the Tycho was taking heavy fire from two Ascendent vessels. Fuller shot his micro-torpedoes, but the Ascendent shot them down and then clipped the Donnar's port wing, sending her into a tumble. Fuller was able to compensate, but he had lost half his port wing. Meanwhile the Defiant and the Bajoran defense force had managed to polish off one of the enemy vessels. Arkin and Rollands were able to destroy the energy dampening device and the 'Tem launched it own barrage of photons, but caused on superficial damage to the nearest ship. Warp ordered a full spread of quantum torpedoes after softening up the Ascendent shields with pulse phaser fire. This created two massive holes in the enemy's hull. However, the ship somehow shrugged off the damage and returned fire -instantly taking the 'Tem's shields down by a third.

Several Bajoran fighters came to the 'Tem's aid, but suffered losses of their own. Warp ordered another spread at the same target, which caused a succession of secondary explosions to erupt and destroy the Ascendent vessel. However, sensors picked up anti-proton surges, suggesting that the Planet Killer was about to enter the fight. Warp ordered everyone to take out the remaining Ascendent vessels before dealing with the super weapon. However, the Ascendent managed to hit the 'Tem with another pulse phaser blow that sent the ship into a 360 degree spin before helm was able to regain control. The hit was focussed on deck 10 and caused massive damage to engineering.

Despite this, two more Ascendent vessels go down, with the Potemkin lighting up with phaser fire as they bear down on the remaining vessel. Warp ordered the use of two tricobalt devices, one of which was struck by an energy dampener and left inert. The other struck the Ascendent vessel and exploded in a brilliant display - but caused no damage at the other vessel's shield weren't weak enough. Down in engineering, Arnet and his team rushed to the scene to find a hurt Bom and a badly injured Micheal. The 'Tem was then hailed by DS9 and they revealed a deeper problem- the Planet Killer was heading toward the wormhole.

With Fuller safely back aboard, and the 'Tem closest to the wormhole, Warp decided to have a go at the weapon. He decided to try an intersystem warp jump to catch up with the weapon. Relieving the helmsman, he shot the 'Tem to warp 3. However, being so close to Bajor bent the trajectory, and the 'Tem came out close to the Denarios Belt, but still behind the Planet Killer. The weapon turned and fired anti-proton beams at the ships, causing the shields to fail. Warp ordered Melina to shunt small pulses of anti-matter into the impulse system to have the 'Tem get ahead of the Planet Killer. However, this left it in the dangerous position of being ahead of a super weapon without any shields.

Both vessels crossed the threshold of the Denarios Belt, and the wormhole sprang to life, swallowing both. However, after a few minutes sensors showed that the wormhole's structure seemed to be degrading. The colors began to wash out, and star fields began to be visible; the wormhole was collapsing! The Planet Killer seemed to be absorbing the various components of the wormhole and the project outcome would be horrendous tears in space/time for light years at both ends of the wormhole. Realizing that they had to do something, Warp ordered the 'Tem to turn about and face the Planet Killer. He then made one final announcement to his crew and made the call for warp speed - right at the weapon.

The 'Tem shot forward - but then nothing. Warp, Prax, Arkin, Bom, and Arnet found themselves on the a sepia toned version of the bridge, with the sound of a constant heart beat in the background. Persons announced each of crew on the bridge, but looked like St. Bolarus, personifications of the planet Arkia, crew member to different people. Warp reasoned that they were in the Celestial Temple and these were the Prophets. The crew them found themselves in different places - Bom on Bolarus, Arkin at her sister's wedding, Warp and Arnet in sickbay, and Prax on Bajor. The Prophets expressed that the crew was willing to sacrifice themselves to stop the "Destroyer." Another shift occurred, with the participants in different locations again. The Prophets seemed to arrived at a consensus that the crew "supported" them. The officers found themselves on the bridge again, with a backlit commanding individual announcing that the wormhole would be closed for one month, and that the crew's selflessness had save Bajor and the wormhole.

The crew awoke back on the ship. Weapons and shields were back online, with no sign of the Ascendent or the Planet Killer. Coordinates put them in the Gamma Quadrant, three hours from New Bajor. The Prophets had saved the ship, but now they had a month to wait before being able to find out the fate of Bajor...

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