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Oh Captain, My Captain Part II

An hour after the previous sim, the crew is still engaged in exercises and scientific research to help against the Ascendent threat. Based on Fuller's idea of storming one of their ships, Prax had assembled a team in the holodeck to simulate that exact situation. Rollands and Arkin were still brainstorming in the science labs, but has still failed to come up with a delivery system for their plan of exploding the Planet Killers with positively-charge protons. Jordan had begun trailing Warp in order to unravel what was bothering him, but the captain was saying nothing about the deal the JAG office had offered - or about the shadowy world of 1951 that had been dancing before his eyes.

In the holodeck, Fuller led an away team of Melina, Xan, and Little on a raid in the simulate Ascendent ship. Fuller and Melina were taken down early on, and the other two scrambled toward the control room. Little was shot in the chest before he could get in, but Xan managed to slip by and stun a few Ascendent before being clipped in the shoulder herself. She managed to crawl on a bit more, but another holographic foe came and stabbed her with its energy sword. Prax then called a halt to the simulated disaster.

Meanwhile, Jordan, still trying to unravel Warp's secret, accompanied the captain to the labs to check in on Arkin and Rollands. The two science officers reported they had their solution, but no practical way of deploying it. Just as they were about to launch into details Warp/Brandley found himself with Melissa Metcalf inside a large finely decorated house. They were greeted by the cigarette-smoking, martini-drinking, flamboyant, and distraught actress Dolly Jenkins (a human version of Arkin). Jenkins was upset over the recent troubles and that her own career had stalled. Tagging along was Fiona Roberts (Rollands), a reporting looking to get the truth out about the recent investigations by HUAC. During a round of drinks (brought in by a servant who was a human version of Rin), the group talked about getting the truth out and how the communist panic had upset everyone. Just as Brandley saying good bye, Warp thanked Arkin and Rollands for their hard work and left the lab.

Warp summoned Little and Fuller from the exercises to get their tactical evaluation from the drills, forcing Prax to close down the simulations for now. He and the rest returned to stations. However, en route to where he summoned the two officers, Warp/Brandley stepped off the turbolift and onto a busy 1951 Hollywood street. He was accosted by two girls, Jane and Alice (versions of Katie Kelson and Andrea O'Donnell). Jane was eager for an autograph, but Alice was quite vocal about her belief that Brandley was a communist and declined an autograph. The two girls quickly departed, leaving Warp standing in front of the VIP lounge.

The rest of the crew filtered back to their posts, talking about the simulations and results. Arkin had an earnest talk with Rollands about everyone's current situation and told her the day might come soon that she would have to step in as the CSO. They reached the bridge and greeted by Prax, who was also worried about the result of the recent drills. At the same time, Warp met with Little and Fuller and asked for their opinions. They both gave frank analysis of the situation - the 'Tem simply could not hold its own in a fight with the Ascendent. While asking for their suggestions, Warp/Brandley found himself in a small waiting room along with two film producers: Mick Maguire (Little) and Jeremy Camp (Fuller). All three had been called to testify before HUAC and only now had to wait to be called up. Camp professed his intention to name names in order to keep from being blacklisted. Brandley doubted it would do them any good, as naming names might just get him on the blacklist instead. Maguire expressed that he would do whatever was necessary - but he wanted to get it over with now. Then, a congressional aid (Jim) appeared and summoned Brandley; it was his turn to testify.

Warp/Brandley stood and dismissed Little and Fuller back to their posts. However, as they entered the bridge, it became a giant crowded room full of press and spectators. Jenkins, Roberts, Camp, Maguire, and Jeffries were all present. A reporter (Joseph Cornell) was overheard talking about this special session of HUAC convened in Hollywood and that Brandley would be reporting to the dreaded Joseph McCarthy himself (Prax) and his panel (made of version of MacCoroy, Admiral Atherton, Ensign MetallicA, and Ensign Duran). Also present was Investigator Cohn (a version of Admiral Sorin), doing McCarthy's bidding.

The hearing started and McCarthy quickly asked if Brandley was a communists and if he ever plotted to overthrow the government of the United States. Brandley replied in the negative, but hinting that it was not for the McCarthy to question. The Senator, nonplussed, begin to dig in about Brandley's relationship with Rex Chandler, a known communist. He laid out his deal - Brandley just needed to name the communists he knew, then they would leave him alone. This sent a murmur through the crowd as they turned toward Brandley for his answer.The seasoned actor told the body it was tempting to be out of their sights. However, he stood up and said that he would not give them any names and "No deal."

It was Warp that stood up on the bridge and proclaimed "No deal." Realizing that he just did something very odd in front of his crew, Warp excused himself to the ready room, telling Prax he had some business that required his attention. While the bridge crew looked on as the captain retreated into the next room, Brandley once again stepped into the office of Walt Arnold. Arnold and he had a brief conversation where the actor admitted he may have damaged his career, but it was the right thing to do - he would be judged based on his actions, not paranoia. Arnold applauded his friend's pluck, and then slowly dissolved, leaving Warp alone in his ready room.

Warp immediately contacted Lieutenant De-lassoran and told him that, while he appreciated the JAG office's offer, he could not in good conscious take it. He would take his trial

No deal.

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