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Incognito, Part II

The sim began exactly where the first part left off - Arnet recently announced that he was, in fact, Thomas who was presumed dead. Prax and Arkin were trying to break through the view screen to get on the bridge. Fuller, Ryan, and Micheal (now joined by a recently woken up Jordan) were trying to storm through the ramp from deck 2. Thomas, with his typical flare, waved off the fake labor idea that Melina had and asked someone to get and help Rollands. He then turned on Bom demanding to know why he was there. Bom stated that Thomas or, more accurately, his actions had taken away everything from Bom. Thomas deduced that the Grey Coats had come in and put an end to Bom's quite unethical research - thus robbing him of his only calling in life. Bom responded by shooting his phaser at Thomas, only for the other Arnet to reveal that he had a personal forcefield in place.

Warp charged at Bom before the latter could fire again, the result was a phaser shot hitting the ceiling. At that moment, Prax and Arkin came crashing through the viewscreen. Prax instantly went to help Warp pin Bom while Arkin moved toward Rollands and Melina. At the very same time, Fuller's group opened fired on the bridge's sealed doors. After only a moment or two they were able to blow the doors open and storm the bridge. There was some great confusion as everyone tried to understand what was going on. Eventually it was all explained, but there were still some loose ends to clear up.

The whereabouts of the real Bom and Arnet were still unknown and Thomas was more than a bit vague about how long he had been aboard. Warp ordered Bom taken from the bridge but Thomas intervened, saying that Bom had to stay. The Bolian, for his part, kept demanding that they hand over Thomas to him and threatened vaguely that they shouldn't try going to warp drive at all. Meanwhile, Arkin realized that they only had limited control of ship's systems and that it would take some time getting them online.

Warp ordered Prax and Micheal down to engineering to see what Bom was talking about. Jordan, during this time, found Rollands and knew she needed help. She tried to replicate the medicine, but all replicators were off line due to the diagnostic. Melina was dispatched to head to Rolland's quarters and retrieve her much needed medicine. Prax and Micheal found nothing initially wrong with the warp start up systems while Arkin and Fuller could not access main ship systems either. During this Thomas confronted Bom about how he got to this universe, convinced that the Bolian had the ticket for him to get home. Bom was less than willing to accommodate and tried to trick Thomas into getting himself killed.

Bom stated that the device to hop dimensions was embedded in the phaser he used, and Warp and Arkin studied it for a moment. They only found odd circuitry and a different quantum signature; something Thomas seemed much interested in. During this time, Melina had made her way down to Rolland's quarters and managed to get the much needed medicine. She returned it to the bridge where Jordan, who had kept Rollands conscious through out this whole thing, was able to administer it. Arkin was able to wire a console and get communications working - enough to call for help, per Warp's instructions. Bom and Thomas continued to banter; it was evident there was no bad blood lost between the two.

Prax and Micheal checked in; they had found an EPS conduit wired into the anti-matter injectors - a handy bit of sabotage, but they could fix it. Everything else seemed to be returning to normal as well; Bom's lockout seemed to be time sensitive and ended, leaving the bridge free for the crew to take command of again. The crew remained wary of Bom and Thomas's motives and so the latter turned off his personal force field emitter just to assure the crew that he only wanted to return home and they could do whatever they wanted with the Bolian. Bom still insisted that he would take out Thomas and smugly said that he had sent the real Bom on a slow ride aboard a Pakled cruiser.

Prax returned to the bridge and Warp set Bom's phaser on the bridge railing while going to check on the nearest Pakled ship. Everything was retaining an air of normality and now the only question was what to do with the two interlopers. Suddenly, the turbolift arrived at the bridge, and out stepped very confused and bewildered Arnet. With everyone momentary distracted by this turn of events, Bom seized the chance to grab the discarded phaser and shoot Thomas through the gut. Instead of killing or disintegrating him, however, the shot seemed to wound and then slowly start burning through his skin. Both Fuller and Prax came after Bom, with the former firing his side arm. Bom dodged the blast and grabbed Thomas from behind - and also activated the personal shield. Thomas was bleeding profusely and it honestly looked like Bom had finally gotten his revenge.

Then, before anyone could react, Bom activated his inter-dimensional device and pulled him and the dying Thomas back into their home reality. The crew cursed their misfortune, then slowly started tracking down the nearest Pakled ship to retrieve their missing officer...

Congratulations are in order to Rollands for her promotion to Full Lieutenant!

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