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Incognito, Part I

After saving both Lieutenant Micheal and Melina, the Potemkin was sent on standard patrol duty as a way of relieving the pressure of the last few assignments. During this time Commander Bom approached Captain Mitchell with concerns about the present state of the ship's systems. In that vein Warp ordered the ship to an all stop so that engineering could ensure that all systems were in good working order. As the sim opened the ship had been stationary for nearly two days; the time was 2000 - Beta Shift. Most of the crew, including Captains Warp and Prax, were in engineering helping them with the ongoing diagnostics, while Arnet and Melina assumed command of the bridge.

Engineering was a regular beehive of activity as Bom sent all the engineers off on different assignments, took in reports from Arkin and Fuller, and ordered diagnostics over everything. Bom then announced that he had to head up to the bridge for some business and quickly left in a turbolift. Up on the bridge everything was calm, and Arnet tried his luck on engaging the bridge crew in conversation. He was interrupted when Bom entered the bridge and headed to Ensign Savage's station. He began to type and suddenly - all command functions on the bridge were locked out.

While those in engineering were oblivious to anything up on the bridge and continued to talk about intermix ratios, those on the bridge found themselves hostages. Bom had removed a pocket phaser and killed the tactical/security guard on duty before rounding up the rest near the view screen. He then demanded that Arnet call Warp to the bridge - or he would kill Melina. Arnet did as instructed, but was able to just hint that something was off. Warp agreed to go to the bridge, but managed to tip off Fuller and Prax to the idea that there was a situation on the bridge.

As Warp reached the bridge Bom revealed who he really was - the duplicate from the familiar Chief Engineer that hailed from the alternate universe and he had a single demand for the crew before he would depart. Down in engineering Prax and the rest could not find anything unusual from their readings. Being as such, Prax ordered Fuller to take a team (consisting of Ryan and Micheal) to the bridge and resolve any situation. Up bridge side the crew was stunned to hear Bom's request; he wanted Arnet - his Thomas Arnet. He would not listen to any explanations that Thomas was dead and had been for two years and he again renewed his threats to kill somebody else unless Thomas was handed over to him.

Fuller's group made their way toward the observation lounge in order to storm the bridge, after arming themselves. Prax came up with an alternate suggestion and, using Arkin's unique camouflaging abilities, began to make his way to the bridge via Jeffrie's tubes. Bom continued to demand that Thomas be turned over to him, and refused to listen to any notions that he was dead. He unlocked Rollands console so she could bring up the internal sensors. From there he tracked Fuller's team and threatened any number of tortures to deter them from storming the bridge.

Melina decided to try and use her pregnancy as a distraction by faking going into labor. Rollands and Arnet jumped on the act, but Bom seemed less than hospitable and ordered that nobody was going anywhere. Arnet was about to call the whole thing off, but then Rollands announced that there was a legitimate patient. Her condition was acting up and she was cut off from her medicine. At the same time Prax and Arkin were having a hard time as they ran into a forcefield, followed by a closed bulkhead. Prax had enough acumen to get past the forcefield, but had to bypass the closed off tube entirely. Bom soon realized that Fuller's team was on its way and determined to stop them.

Bom flooded transporter room one with gas, forcing Fuller and his team to retreat back. At this point Arnet became confrontational, hoping to keep their captive off guard long enough for Rollands or Warp to send a message to Prax. Bom fired his phaser, nearly hitting Arnet and Warp. The two tried again, but all that ended up was Arnet being decked squarely in the jaw by. Meanwhile, Prax had a great alternate route in mind and he and Arkin wormed into a maintenance crawlspace located directly behind the main viewer. The plan? Bust through the viewer and onto the bridge! Fuller and his team had fallen back, but procured gas masks and weapons and were willing to give it a second go.

Arnet began to suddenly laugh, taunting Bom and calling him a "stupid tosser." It suddenly became very apparent what was going on, and Arnet confirmed it - he was Thomas!

Congratulations are in order to Arkin for her promotion or, rather, re-promotion to full Commander!

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