A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Honey For The Prince

Warp has decided to fight for his career, but the Potemkin is still waiting for the actual trial to be set. In that time, the crew has still be running drills to find a way to beat the awesome Planet Killer weapon used by The Ascendent. Fuller suggested stealing an Ascendent vessel to see if their computer system could be used to stop the weapon. Although risky, it was safer than taking on the Planet Killer directly. Sensors detected a lone Ascendent vessel that fell behind the rest of their fleet, so the 'Tem positioned itself in the Androzani system to ambush the alien craft.

The crew waited near the edge of the system for their prey. It was an uneasy calm, filled with the mundane check-ins and preparation. Finally the vessel was spotted on long range sensors. Prax ordered a red alert, spreading Micheal's engineering teams throughout the ship to deal with any combat damage, and Arkin prepared the counter-measured she and the engineers had designed to protect against Ascendent energy-draining technology. Warp appeared on the bridge to witness his crew in action.

The vessel arrived, and appeared slightly larger, but more graceful, that previous Ascendent vessels. It also possessed a faster warp drive than previous seen. Prax ordered an intercept course and hailing channels open. The Ascendent ignored these overtures and increased speed to get jump to warp. A pursuit course was ordered, along with two phaser shots to get their attention. The Ascendent responded by firing a pulse phaser blast back at the 'Tem, striking the forward section of deck 10. Fuller was ordered to take out that cannon, which he did, but the vessel launched an energy dampening device first, which latched onto the deck 8 hull. Arkin's program seemed not to work at first, as full power dropped on the bridge.

Fuller's weapon spread caused damaged to the enemy vessel's weapons and engines, but not enough to disrupt both. The ship turned to engaged the Potemkin directly, leading to the launch of a secondary energy-draining device. However, Arkin's counter-measures led the overload of the first device, freeing up energy and, combined with Fuller managing to take out the engines and weapons of the Ascendent vessel, gave the 'Tem the upper hand. Fuller was ordered to assembled a strike team and soon enough he, Bom, Rollands, Melina, and Micheal were heading over to the alien vessel.

The team arrived, not on the bridge as they had planned, but in what appeared to be a lavish bedroom suite, with a wide view of space. The only exit was a set of ornate doors. Believing this to be the way to the bridge, the crew crept closer and cracked the doors open. Unbelievably, it opened into a well-decorated bedroom, complete with a six-postered bed and a sleeping figure. It appeared to be an adolescent male Ascendent, somehow sleeping soundly during this attack. The crew debated whether to wake him, but suddenly and watery voice asked them to let him sleep - if they woke him the guards would come.

The crew came face to face with another a female adolescent Ascendent named Jo-el, who introduced herself as the "bride of Prince Zafi." Detecting that she did not want the guards to come, they questioned if she and Zafi were prisoners. She responded that Zafi's father had been killed, but the Ascendent were now being led by a surrogate rule or Prima'sari, or majordomo, instead of the prince. She said that the prince and herself were not bent on finding the "Fablehome" and that they would open peaceful relations with the Federation. Before there could be more discussion, guards suddenly entered the room. Jo-el woke up the prince and quickly filled him in, while the crew engaged the guards. Bom found he couldn't contact the 'Tem for a beam-out, so ordered a retreat to the room from which they had come.

Meanwhile, back on the 'Tem, Prax and Arkin confronted Warp about his odd and distant behavior of late. The captain reluctantly filled them in about the deal he had been offered by the JAG office and his eventually decision. Both Prax and Arkin agreed that Warp should have come to them sooner, but were pleased that he chose not to sacrifice himself. There were discussions that, if Warp was drummed out, they would quite too, but Warp asked that they would follow orders - not matter what happened.

Bom and the rest made it to the next room and were finally able to communicate with Nguyen, who quickly got them off the Ascendent ship. Once onboard, Bom contacted Prax to raise shields and get as far away as possible. He also hurried Jo-el and Zafi to the bridge, where the young prince announced that he had tactical information of value. The Prince, with more than a little condescension, demanded to speak with the head of the Federation. He finally agreed to speak with the crew, and he and Jo-el revealed that the Prima'sari said the fleet would reach Fablehome inside of a month. When questioned by Warp, the prince said their Fablehome had many names, and when they first came to this region of space they found yet another - B'have'el. The prince continued; not only were the Ascendent heading toward Bajor, they would destroy all its inhabitants once they arrived.

Warp instantly ordered a course for Bajor, but Prax belayed the order. He pointed out that they were only one ship and could not possibly take on the Ascendent fleet by themselves. Also, they had to clear Warp's name first and drudge up whatever support they could. Warp hesitantly agreed, and Prax ordered Melina to set course for starbase 74 at maximum warp.

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