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A few days after the events of "Chain Reaction," the Potemkin pulled into Starbase 74 for some overdue repairs (such as the viewscreen). The crew had been promised twenty-four hours of leave while the engineers did their work. The 'Tem safely docked and powered down their engines. Meanwhile a buzz began to ripple through the crew as separate groups discussed their plans for the break. As they contemplated romps through meadows, time with significant others, or just relaxing their plans came crashing down as the ship jumped to yellow alert.

Upon inquiry, the computer stated that since the 'Tem systems were now tied into the starbase's, the ship had gone to yellow alert was the base did. Warp then proceeded to contact the starbase and ask for an explanation. The news he got was shocking to all - someone had commandeered the USS Cincinnatus, an Ambassador-class ship that had been stationed at the base. Almost as soon as hearing about this, Admiral Lovell contact Warp and ordered him to give chase and recaptured the Cincinnatus. Warp responded that the Potemkin had powered down its engines and would not be able to make way for at least thirty minutes; the admiral quickly ordered the crew to report to the USS Anio, a smaller Nova-class ship that was berthed next to the 'Tem. It was being used the Starfleet Corp of Engineers and was having it's engines tested at the time of the hijacking so it was prepped and ready to go.

The offending party was said to be a group called the "Neo-transcendentalist Movement," but more information was not forthcoming. The command crew quickly shuffled to the transporter room and beamed over to their newest loaner ship. Captain Mitchell lost no time in getting the ship ready to go and ordered Ryan to set full course at warp 8. Warp, Fuller, and Micheal gathered together to discuss tactics. After reviewing statistics on both the Anio and Cincinnatus it was decided that they were outmatched in terms of strength, but they had speed on their side. Micheal suggested that they find a way through the shields and get a team on the ship as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Bom and Jordan contacted Admiral Lovell to find out more about the situation. He informed them that the skeleton crew that had been on the Cincinnatus had been transporter to the starbase shortly before it departed, so the thieves were the only ones aboard. The Neo-transcendentalists had apparently arrived on the starbase the day before off of a transport from Regulus. All other plans were cut short, however, by the Anio suddenly coming across their prey.

Warp hailed the vessel and was answered by a man named Dryden, obviously the leader. He was cordial enough, stating that they needed the ship and would not hand it over. He had a short interchange with Warp in which he revealed that his movement (which wanted to set up a colony somewhere and live a "simple life") was 200 strong and that their destination was Benevento IV. He, being remarkably forthcoming, stated that the planet was L-class and they needed the Cincinnatus to help terraform their new home. The planet was chosen because it was near the Ficus sector - the home of their "forebearers" and that no other planet would do.

Before further negotiations could happen, Dryden cut the channel in an infuriated huff. At this turn of events, Warp ordered Micheal to use the prefix codes to take over the Cincinnatus's computer. Unfortunately, Dryden and his followers had changed them - and they had detected the attempt and armed their weapons. Bom had the ship jump to red alert, but Warp made sure that weapons remaned unlocked in hopes of a peaceful resolution. Several ideas were tossed out such as calling for backup and meeting the group around Benevento IV, finding someone of a like mentality to help negotiate, and appealing to Dryden's ideology.

Finally though, Warp came up with the idea of using the periodic refresh cycle that older model ships occupied. This created a momentary harmonic resonance that could be used to transporter a group over at just the right time. Bom was able to find the refresh pattern and that they did, in fact, have a window. Warp contacted Dryden again to try and stall. This he did, asking further questions "for his report" and probing into the group's ideology. At the same time Bom gathered Micheal, Fuller, and Rollands to the transporter room. With a quick bit of work on the part of Nguyen, and a window of opportunity, the away team materialized on the bridge of the Cincinnatus.

The team made quick work of those on the bridge, but the victory was short lived. All the consoles on the Cincinnatus turned a bright red. It only took a glance to determine that the Neo-Transcendentalists had set the self-destruct - and there was less than a minute to go. Dryden made one last statement about never giving up their dream as the the clock slowly ticked down to 0...

The Ambassador-class vessel was destroyed in a large orange blast. Luckily, the shield generators had blown before the bridge and Nguyen had used that fraction of time to beam the whole lot to the Anio. Dryden and his lot were transported to the brig, while the 'Tem (which had jumped away to avoid being caught in the blast) warped to the scene of the explosion to recover anything they could. the crew was left to reflect that a ship had been destroyed over one L-class planet, and that Cornell was certainly not going to let this one slide.

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