A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

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After surviving the Ascendent booby trap, the Potemkin traveled back to Starbase 74 to retrieve Captain MItchell, Commander Arkin, and Doctor Arnet. Given the current crisis, Arkin and Arnet were put back on active duty, but Warp was ordered to remain off-duty. Five days after the destruction of the Holt Nebula and appearance of the Planet Killer, the 'Tem sped at high warp to the Xefonri star group. Federation sensors had detected unusual energy readings that might indicate the Planet Killer's position. This is especially troubling as the Xenfori group contains four stars - all orbited by inhabited words.

Engineering was a flurry of activity as Bom and his crew tried to hastily patch up the EPS system and inertial dampers (both damaged in the skirmish with The Ascendent). Warp engine efficiency was only at 80 percent, with many systems precariously wired in. On the bridge, Prax ordered the ship to the Xefroni A system to start recon..only to find that the Class Y Xefroni A I had been reduced to field of rubble. Scans indicated the presence of anti-protons, the calling card of the Planet Killer. Rolland's scans determined that only A 1 had been destroyed. Although the news that no M-Class planet has suffered was welcome, it led to further questions about why the Planet Killer chose only to destroy a single "demon-class" planet.

Melina picked up a neutronium trail that could indicate the Planet Killer's path. Prax ordered the pursuit, and the 'Tem headed to Xefroni B, where the anti-protons were present, but in smaller concentrations than the previous system. There were no signs of the Planet Killer or Ascendant, and no clear indication of where they went. This caused a bit of discussion on the bridge as they plotted their next move, but then Rolland picked up an anti-proton spike several light years away. She sent the coordinates to the helm and the 'Tem took off to investigate.

During all this, Bom and MetallicA bantered while rewiring the ship. Arkin and Jordan slipped off the bridge. All the tensions was causing Jordan some discomfort, as she could feel the crew's anxiety.

Hours later the 'Tem slip out of warp by a binary system. Readings instantly came back of anti-protons around the third planet in the system. Bom took the opportunity to christen the unnamed stars "Abbot" and "Costello" after "great wise men of Bolarus." But then the crew got a view of the third plant - half of it was gone, as if bitten away, and the molten core was slowly leaking into space. Melina scan's verified that the planet was uninhabited, but the crew knew they still had no idea how the Planet Killer was picking its targets - or how to stop it.

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