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Erev Yom Kippur

After the revelation that the Ascendent were heading toward Bajor, and would arrive in one month to decimate the inhabitants, the Potemkin returned to starbase 74 to resupply, report, drum up support, and return Warp, Arkin, and Arnet to their hearing - which will decided if they will face a court martial or not.

The ship docked at the starbase and Prax quickly made assignment. Melina and Micheal were to pick up two fighter craft current at the station. Rollands and Fuller were sent to restock the 'Tem depleted weapons supply. Prax and Bom stayed on the bridge to oversee the various details of making sure the ship was ready to rush to Bajor's aid. Warp, Arkin, and Arnet, however, made their way to the deck 8 airlock to travel to the station. There were followed by Jordan, who was there to wish them luck and chide them for not coming to her for emotional support, and joined by Katie Kelson, acting as council.

The group made their way toward the hearing room with a melancholy mood settling over them. They briefly discussed the deal the JAG office had offered to Warp and why he had not taken it. Eventually they arrived and were ushered in by Ensign Fox, adjunct to Admiral Yuval, with whom they would be meeting. Yuval, a slow-moving, elderly Vulcan. The admiral said that the five admiral panel was still deliberating and would be ready soon to declare whether they thought a court martial was warranted. He excused himself after a few minutes when summoned by Admiral Sorin to continue deliberating.

Meanwhile, Bom and Prax discussed their views on how to best defend Bajor, whether the Prophets might be encouraged to help, and talking about the various "deities" they had encountered in their travels. Micheal and Melina found two Valhalla-class fighters, the Donar and the Loge, and piloted them back to the 'Tem and made sure they were ready for the fight ahead. Rollands and Fuller had to load up a compliment of quantum and photon torpedoes, and then transfer them to the 'Tem.

In the hearing room, Warp, Arkin, and Arnet were sweating about what Yuval would say. Suddenly, Yuval's adjunct entered, ushering a worn-looking Remal toward the admiral's chamber. She disappeared before the crew could speak with her, but all of them were concerned by what this could mean. A few minutes later, Yuval reappeared Remal in tow. After settling back into his seat and ordering tea, Yuval suddenly announced that, thanks to Remal, the admiralty had decided not the proceed to a court martial and that the three officers were free to return to duty immediately. He then excused himself and left everyone looking at Remal.

The Trill officer explained that she felt guilty for getting the crew into such trouble and truly believed they were simply doing their best. In that vein, she had lied to the admirals and told them that she had doctored her reports to cast the crew in a negative light in order to please the overbearing Joseph Cornell. Because of this lie, she had been stripped of her commission. When asked why should make such a sacrifice, she only replied that the ancient Hebrews of Earth celebrated Yom Kippur - a day to ask forgiveness of God. But before that they had Erev Yom Kippur - a day to ask forgiveness of others.

Much relieved, the crew realized that they now to turn their attention to saving Bajor.

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