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Drawing a Blank, Part II

After waking up on the Captain's gig, the Hawking, without any memory of who they were, the senior staff had followed an ion trail toward a strange ship built similar to the craft they were on. Arnet, who had undergone a risky, half-cocked procedure to restore his memory, was able to associate the word "Potemkin" with it, but before more investigating could be done, it suddenly had turned and fired on the Hawking.

Sensors showed the blow was only glancing, and was neither at full strength nor well-aimed, but the crew took evasive maneuvers. This latest turn was unexpected and the crew tried to come up with an explanation for why this ship had fired on them without warning. The Potemkin came around again for more poor shots, while Ryan was able to raise the shields just in time.

Prax hatched a plan to hide between the nacelles of the larger vessel to buy some time. Warp helped Ryan pilot the ship into its hiding spot.

At the same time, Bom was gathered in a cargo bay of the Potemkin with other officers, also suffering from memory loss. After some time a couple of lanky, lavendered-skinned aliens entered, asking if anyone there knew how to repair warp engines. Bom raised his hand and was selected by the aliens, including the one called Kropna, to help get the warp systems online.

Out on the Hawking, the crew debated on what next, but the gig suddenly came to life with a message that the "auto-Approach system was ready to return to the hanger" and showed where it could reenter the Potemkin. This convinced the crew that they were definitely from the larger ship somehow and they decided to try and dock.

Unfortunately this set off an automatic communications with the Potemkin for docking procedures that they shut off. But without that communication, the ship couldn't get into the hanger. Then Prax came up with an idea - he disabled the fire suppression system and then lit a fire in one of the bedrooms. This triggered an emergency override that pulled gig automatically aboard.

Meanwhile Bom was led by the two aliens, spinning thin lies about being the captains of the ship while Bom and the rest were menial workers. They led him to the engineering room, ignoring his rather inane questions, and commanded him to fix the engines, and they were not happy to hear it would take 30 minutes. During this time he overhead them talk about having "lost" someone and looking for them. Then, they suddenly received an alert about an unauthorized landing and rushed toward the hangar, with Bom in tow.

In the hangar bay, Prax and Warp were amazed by the size and number of vessels, The Hawking came to a rather rough halt, and the crew cautiously exited to explore the larger ship, making sure they had a few weapons among then.

At that moments the aliens, with Bom, entered. Shrieking at the sight of Warp and the rest, they instantly reached for weapons. Prax ordered everyone back behind the Hawking, but the fire suppression system kicked in, isolating the vessel in a forcefield to choke the fire. However, a hiding place was necessary as two shots from Archer and Tora managed to stun both the aliens.

The crew then gathered around Bom to see what he knew - not much - and if he could remember any of them - sadly, no. Bom rambled out the excuses the aliens had made to him about being the captains and he the worker, along with some mysterious "accident" that had removed his memory. Warp considered this and wondered if it could possibly be true. If it was that meant they were a part of a mutiny. But Arnet, still slowly remembering bits and pieces of his life announced it wasn't true - Warp was most definitely the captain of the ship. He was even able to identify "Captain Mitchell" and himself as "Thomas."

Warp decided they needed to head to the bridge, but wasn't sure exactly where that was. Bom then broke in with news of a "thingy" where you talk to a nice lady and it took you places. Realizing he was talking about some sort of automated conveyance device, they followed him to the turbolift he had come out of.

Moments later they arrived on the bridge where eight more lavender-skinned aliens manned the stations. Bom innocently and inconveniently addressed them, leading to a firefight on the bridge. The crew had enough of an advantage to stun half of them, while forcing the other four to surrender. The remaining "Miino" (as Arnet remembered they were called) confessed to taking over the ship and setting the command crew adrift after using a "Nervian mind wipe" on everyone.

The Miino said they needed the Potemkin to reach "the anomaly" first and had been told by a passing caravan that the Federation vessel had superior engines. The aliens refused to restore the crew's memory, but Arnet, looking at a console, announced he should be able to do it using the ship's medical suite.

As the aliens were led away, Arnet did say he had one last question about a memory that was bugging him - what exactly was "the Blue Stuff?"

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