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Drawing a Blank, Part I

There was a sharp hiss from a ventilation system and eight strangers woke up together.

Prax, Tora, Melina, Archer Warp, Rollands, Ryan and Jordan did not recognize each other, themselves, or the back portion of the Captain's gig, the Hawking, where they were. They also didn't know the ninth person, a man who had awoken them with ADHT introduced into the air system. He (who he and the rest didn't recognize as Arnet) explained that he had awoken 15 minutes earlier and somehow knew to use the stimulant to wake up the rest.

With some unease and helpful doses of mistrust between them all, the strangers began to piece together what they knew. They were all on some sort of ship and three of them - Tora, Warp, and Prax - obviously had engineering skill. They also noted their uniforms and figured the colors and pips had to mean something. Whether more pips meant a higher or lower rank, and whether uniform color meant departments in a "space navy" or marriage.

Tora and Prax were the most curious and opened the door leading to the rest of the vessel. Warp pulled up information on the ship, finding out where the front of the ship was. Arnet was the first to decide to head down the hallway, with Warp and Prax following close at hand. The Bajoran was paranoid and distrustful of the situation, but the rest were curious about the ship. A look out the window revealed they were indeed in space, and Rollands, glancing at a console, announced that sensors were picking up an ion trail.

As the rest of the crew fanned out over the miniature bridge, there was renewed discussion about who and what they were. Ryan began messing with the navigation controls, causing the group to decide that leadership was needed. After deliberation the two oldest-looking persons, Warp and Prax, were voted to be co-rulers. And with nowhere else to go, they voted to follow the ion trail toward a ship located on the extreme edge of sensor range.

And while the ship began speeding off toward its destination, Jordan and Arnet began to study the medical database for anything that could reverse memory loss. There was a possible technique Arnet found he was willing to try and asked Jordan and Rollands to come with him to try. Meanwhile, Prax and Archer went out exploring the additional sections of the ship.

In the aft portion of the ship, Arnet laid out his plan - Rollands would reconfigure a neural analyzer to be a probe, Jordan and Arnet could use it to "iron out" the engram degradation. He insisted that Jordan perform the surgery on him so that no one but himself would be hurt if it went wrong. If the surgery went correctly, seminal memories should return first and the rest would fill in with time, he explained. But there was a fairly good chance it would scramble his brains.

So - just in case all went wrong - he pulled Rollands, with whom he had been flirting a bit, in for a deep, long kiss before letting Jordan get to work.

Archer and Prax finished inspecting the ship and, not finding anything, rejoined the rest in the command pit, where Warp had Tora and Melina looking at technical layouts and making sure the ship was in good working order.

In the back of the ship the surgery continued, with Arnet convulsing with each move of Jordan's neural probe. She finally finished, and he collapsed momentarily stunned. When he revived he had bad news - the procedure hadn't worked. He didn't remember anything.

Up on the bridge, Ryan announced the mystery ship they were heading toward was five minutes out and they were in visual range. At the announcement the crew gathered up toward the front of the ship. Rollands, Jordan and Arnet moved toward the front when he suddenly stopped - and announced he could remember his brother! Apparently the procedure had worked, but was slower than he anticipated.

When they rejoined the rest on the bridge Arnet announced that they ship they just encountered stirred the word Potemkin in his mind. What that meant he couldn't tell, but the word Potemkin was connected with that ship. Hails to the ship went unanswered.

As the crew spoke the larger vessel began to move. Ryan moved to keep up, but as he did a brilliant red phaser beam lashed out from the Potemkin, striking the Hawking!

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