A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Down Time

One week after towing the USS Sarajevo back to the Alpha Quadrant, the Potemkin and her crew had been busy in a resupply and repair operations. Most of the alpha shift crew have been on Deep Space Nine preparing things for their respective departments while command decided where they would be sent next. Even now, the day before the 'Tem was scheduled to ship out, the crew found themselves milling about the station. Jordan, Bom, Prax, and Arnet met in the middle of the promenade discussing finding a present for Prax to buy for Arkin. Rollands and Melina went to the bar, where Fuller already was enjoying a drink.

Just as Prax and Arnet made their way to the bar, the station gave a sudden shudder. The crew sprang up, only to realize they were on someone else's station. Another shudder and Prax and Arnet tried to make their way to Ops - only for the station to shudder yet again and the powers to fail completely. The various crew members stumbled through the dark, and Fuller was unable to connect with the 'Tem to be beamed out. Finally, Bom, the only one with a sonic screwdriver (which doubled as a torch) gathered everyone to him. Prax had Rollands, the only one with a tricorder, to do a scan to see if she could find out anything about the current situation.

Rollands's scan showed a massive energy signature, registering on the heat spectrum, about a level below the promenade. Prax and Bom led the way to a Jeffries's tube hatch in order to find a way to the next level. The crew slid down the darkened tunnels until coming to the next level down. Rollands remarked that the energy signature was odd, as it was the only one to be found on the entire station. Suddenly the signature turned white - only registering heat and light. The tricorder led them to a door that was glowing at the seems with heat coming off of it.

Pushing through, the crew was temporarily blinded by the light. When their eyes adjusted, the crew were stunned to see a large bioluminescent being - basically a giant energy sucking beetle! It was immediately apparent that it was absorbing all the station's power. Even worse, it proved to be intelligent - and malignant. Reasoning with it became impossible as it made it clear that it thought itself to be the superior life form and that the energy was for it only. Bom decided to put an end to this and tried to power down the dilithium chamber to stop it from producing power. Unfortunately, none of the consoles had power so the plan didn't work so well.. So Bom did one better, he cut the flow of power from coming into the room.

This seemed to slow the bug down, but it began sparking electricity from its mandibles and trying to make its way to the door. Arnet grabbed the sonic screwdriver, changed the setting, and plunged it right into the base of the bug's mandibles. This overloaded the biochemical reactions fueling the bug's power supply and it soon faded completely to dark. With the beetle taken down, Bom was able to restore limited station power, but unfortunately Arnet's maneuver had completely fried his sonic screwdriver. Small price to pay, however, for taking down a power draining bug and saving DS9!

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