A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Danse Macabre

Picking up right after the end of the previous sim, Arnet was bent over Rollands and Fuller, who were suffering from some ailment that seemed to be turning them into insects. Unable to reach the ship in the tunnels, Warp and Arkin confronted the Hur'q who said that Rollands and Fuller were going to become like it, and that it was the destiny for all of them. Arnet figured the infection had to be viral and tried treating it that way, but both he and Jordan soon began to feel the effects. The Hur'q drew a symbol into the corridor, which caused the bunker to light up. Melina's suit began to register some sort of contagion in the oxygen filters of her suit.

The Hur'q said that long ago they had come to "a system of nine planet" (apparently recognizing Pluto) and dominated man. However, they had been driven off and came into conflict with the Klingons - with whom they battled for generations. They had come back to the this planet, led by their "god" Qay-lah, but the star had turned darker over time. It had waited here for the seeds they planted on Earth to return. Satisfied that it had done its part, it opened the doors, allowing the team access to the outside.

The team was able to call the Potemkin and were beamed up into a quarantine transporter room. With the crew beginning to exhibit signs that their minds were being infected, the group was transported to a quarantined section of sickbay, with Arnet ordering that controls be rigged for anti-proton radiation therapy. Melina grabbed DNA samples from everyone, and Arkin ran quick tests that concluded the therapy would be successful.

Arnet ordered her to flood the chamber, as more and more they began to change into Hur'q. After a few bursts, Arkin reported that cell death was occurring. Despite nearly unanimous objects, Arnet ordered her to do it again and again, but ordering hyronalin to help strengthen the human cells left in their bodies. The effects of the irradiation, along with the spontaneous mutation, was taking its toll on everyone, and it looked like the therapy might end up killing them instead of healing. Finally, after a desperate 5-second burst, the Hur'q cells died off and left the natural human cells.

Victory was short lived. A crewman on the other side of the quarantined field suddenly collapsed and quickly passed away. Warp was showing signs of a viral infection that was leading to a high fever, but there no signs of an infection in his body. HIs body was burning hot, while Melina and Arkin began to feel very cold. Scans of Warp showed a group of "blank" cells around his heart. Jordan and Arnet realized that if the Hur'q had planted something in humans eons ago, then the body must have something to keep it in check. The Hur'q must have somehow have stopped their bodies from doing this. By locating what that was and introducing an artificial T-cell to activate whatever DNA introns the Hur'q had stopped, they should be able to stop it.

The first results were encouraging, and Warp and Melina begin to slowly recover. Prax ordered the synthetic T-cell for the rest of the crew and mandatory physicals to make sure everyone was recovered. Arnet ordered that everyone get 24 hours bed rest to recover from the ordeal, and that Micheal and Arkin (who proved resistant) would run things until everyone was ready to resume duties - but the important thing that they had escaped the Hur'q's machinations.

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