A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Chain Reaction

The Potemkin had been dispatched on a scientific investigation to studied a nebula recently charted by the USS Copernicus. The original readings revealed trace unknown elements, and the the Potemkin was ordered to do the follow up study. As the sim began, Arkin and Rollands had collected a sample of the gas and were proceeding to study it. The rest of the crew were at their usual posts.

While the rest of the crew sat about reflecting on the beauty of the nebula and discussing the 'Tem past history with the Copernicus, the two scientist were busy studying the sample they had taken. Arkin was quick to notice a small section of the gases seemed to have an opposite magnetic pole than the rest. The two thought that they might have discovered a new element, and relishing in their investigation they did not notice that the container they were working on began to crack slightly. Completely unaware, they asked for some more time to remain and further study the nebula.

But all was not as it seemed. Rollands began to feel her condition acting up and suggested that they take a break while she went to sickbay. Arkin agreed, saying that she would head to the science terminal on the bridge and would meet up in an hour. However, as the Arkian made her way to the bridge, she also noticed a slight headache and that it seemed a bit warm. By the time she sat down at her console, she was sweating and complaining of the heat. In sickbay Arnet confirmed that Rolland's condition was acting up and gave her the standard dosage of medicine. He questioned if she had been doing anything to set off the temperature spike; she could not think of anything, but upon mentioning that Arkin was also suffering adverse effects, Arnet contacted the bridge to have Arkin sent down immediately.

It was a bit too late. Soon after Arkin arrived, the rest of the crew (minus Prax and Melina) began to feel a bit odd. Warp began to experience a headache and feel incredibly warm. Curiously enough, Micheal began to complain of it being too cold. Warp and Arkin try to depart to sickbay, but could barley move. Warp stumbled, grabbed Melina's suit, and accidentally ripped a hole in it - the Argosian was now vulnerable. She soon began to feel shivers as well. Nurse Phillips in sickbay also began to feel cold - the condition was spreading. Warp ordered Arnet to engage emergency contamination procedures as he dragged himself and Arkin to sickbay.

With things getting worse on the bridge for the rapidly cooling Micheal and Melina, Prax had no choice but to order those effected to sickbay. Rollands, during this time, noted that Arnet and Phillips were experiencing symptoms similar to her condition. On a hunch she brought up sensor readings for the lab and, with horror, discovered that the gases had escaped! At that moment, Arkin and Warp entered sickbay. Arnet rushed them into an isolation chamber, and gave him what they could for the pain and also to try and bring down their temperature. Scans of the two confirmed Rolland's hypothesis - somehow her condition had become contagious. This seemed impossible, as her condition was not a viral or bacteria in nature it shouldn't be contagious.

With the mystery deepening, Micheal and Melina made it to sickbay. Arnet, feeling very hot now himself, ordered them into a separate container that he began to fill with warm water to help them. Arkin tried to hypothesize on what was happening, with Arnet stating that there had to be something alive in the gas. It saw that Rollands was vulnerable because of her conditions and started to create that same weakness in each person it met. The junior science officer grabbed a sterile container and beamed it into the main science lab and filled it with the gas in the lab. Bringing it back to sickbay, she ran it through a bio scanner and found that it was emitting life signs. What's more, she came back to the two magnetic attractions from earlier and conjectured that the more plentiful gas was doing this, while the one with the opposite charge would have the opposite effect. How to utilize this, however, was not apparent.

Prax by now had come down to sickbay, and Arnet had him looking after Melina and Micheal and trying to figure out how he was immune. While Rollands struggled to figure out how to utilize the helpful portion of the gas, Arnet and Prax had their hands full with the patients. Micheal and Melina were still freezing cold, and Arkin had begun to suffer nosebleeds and her skin began to crack as well. Stonewalled at every turn, the situation looked almost hopeless. That's when Rollands began to notice that the magnetic poles were starting to reverse themselves. It's almost as if the two parts of the gas were at war. The organisms that had caused this condition seemed to be at winning, which was bad news for all.

That's when Arnet came up with an idea. He had Rollands fetch a test tube from a cabinet. Hooking it up to a machine, he had her put in the diagnostics for the the desired organisms that she wanted gone. Then, she hooked up the two containers - the latter now clearly containing a supply of Arnet's own nanoprobes. After a brief time, the gases were separated and the undesirable organisms had been eliminated. With only the helpful organisms left, Prax drained the water from Melina's and Micheal's chamber, and dropped the forcefields to both chambers. The gas was allowed to roam free and the assembled group began to slowly feel better.

Arrangements were made to clear the ship of the rest of the gas and spread the "cure" to the rest of the clue. It wasn't a total waste, however; Rollands managed to keep a small sample to herself for study. The crew had once again weathered another potentially dangerous situation.

Congratulations are in order for Rollands for running her first 'Tem plot!

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