A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Ye Hearties

The Potemkin remains docked at Starbase 22 following the incident with Cornell and the emotion causing entity. With nothing official that had to be done at the moment, the crew took a moment to enjoy a bit of R&R. Arnet met up with Warp, while the latter was heading toward one of the starbase's holodecks for some sailing. Together they made their way from the ship to the starbase, and there met up with several more crew members. Melina opted to go with the captain once she heard sailing involved water.

While Warp and Melina walked down some antique wooden docks to pick their sailing vessels, the rest of the crew had to decided what to do. Bom suggested playing baseball, but no one else seemed to know what the game was. An off comment suggested hijacking Warp and Melina's holodeck and Bom decided on a course of action - becoming pirates. With this in mind, the hapless buccaneers tried to get appropriate costumes and a ship to take off after the Captain and his guest. At the same time, the long away Prax paid a visit to his fiancee and invited Arkin to dinner in order to catch up. A little hesitant about going with the man who left her alone for some time, Arkin finally agreed and the two caught up at a local Bolian restaurant.

Melina was quickly getting the hang of sailing, taking the wheel while Warp worked out the sails. The Captain pointed out the various sails and was having a thoroughly engrossing time with the activity he loved. At the same time the "pirates" ordered up a holographic crew and commanded them to pursue Captain Mitchell's ship. The massive ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge, took off after it's quarry. After some time it finally spotted the smaller sloop and set an intercept course. At the same time Warp looked back and viewed a ship that shouldn't have been in his program...

Realizing that the other ship shouldn't be there, Warp turned the ship to find out what was going on. However, he couldn't believe it when the mystery ship, manned by the pirates, suddenly turned to its side and fired canons! Warp and Melina tried to avoid the pirate ship, and realized that it was the crew that was attacking them. The pirates had the drop, but they were greatly surprised by the sudden appearance of Micheal - flying an antiquated airplane! After a misguided effort to hit the plan with a canon, Bom and company realized that Warp had used the distraction to try and escape. Suddenly, Arnet called for the computer to abruptly end all programs.

All in the holodeck dropped to the ground, laughing and chuckling. Warp asked for an explanation - to which Fuller and Arnet responded that it was all Bom's fault. Finally, admitting defeat, Warp vowed to lock down the holodeck next time he would use it.

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