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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility, Part II

After incapacitating the increasingly paranoid Captain Mitchell, the crew had to decide the next move. Banning was still on the loose, taking out security guards and absorbing power as he went. The crew was still trying to control their new found powers, which was causing all sorts of chaos. Prax, with his super speed, took the captain to sickbay. He tried to organize the rest of the crew to stop the super villain. Meanwhile Arnet teleported to sickbay to figure out what had happened; he took Jordan with him, but touching her caused the counselor to morph into his double!

Ti'Brus went to seek Banning on his own while the rest of the crew gathered around Bom to seek out the mad man at his logical destination - main engineering. The super villain, however, was slowly learning to manipulate his powers and create electric forcefields. He was still draining power at ever step and heading down deck from deck. Down in sickbay, Arnet found the mutations in Warp's DNA, but could not figure out how they got there or how to remove them. Jordan was having bad luck trying to keep Prax's hyper-metabolism up; her morphing abilities made touching everything extremely difficult.

Banning had a show down versus the invincible Ti'Brus, but the match ended in a draw and the super villain got away. Bom, down in engineering, had power shut down on decks 7,8, and 9 to maybe slow him down. Hara and Ti'Brus went to take the convict out, but they were only marginally successful. Banning made it to main engineering, but was confronted with the full force of the crew and their combined powers. Bom shut down the warp core to keep Banning from draining its energy, and the crew was able to keep him steady, concentrating on maintaining his shields.

Seeing that the crew was determined to stop him, Banning decided to risk all on an all or nothing gamble. He dropped his field and fired bolts of electricity at the crew, but soon found himself running quickly out of energy. Meanwhile, Arnet had teleported to the bridge to see if it were possible to recreate the accident that caused the mutations. He couldn't figure out how, but sensors suddenly said that the same cloud was coming around again. Arnet sounded an all alert, but the cloud hit the ship hard, sending Banning flying against a wall and rendering everyone unconscious.

The crew awoke to find everything...oddly normal. They all ached and hurt from the super power battle, but they seemed no worse for wear. Banning was just coming to also...only to realize that his revenge hadn't quite gone according to plan.

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