A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility, Part I

After leaving Neria behind, the Potemkin returned to its standard patrols. The ship was heading at warp four to Hyrkania III for a diplomatic mission. All was going smoothly and the crew was just beginning to relax when Arkin's sensors picked up a distress call from a escape pod only four minutes away. Being several hours early to Hyrkanai, Warp ordered Melina to drop to impulse to investigate. Sensors showed one biosign on board, prompting Warp to have Melina bring it into Cargo Bay 1 and sending Prax, Arnet, and Micheal to investigate.

With the escape pod aboard, the 'Tem lurched back to Warp and toward Hyrkania. Bom discussed the spontaneity that Hyrkanians treasured and how Warp's diplomatic style would mesh with that. Down below, Prax and company found a haggard looking man stepping out of the escape pod. The man seemed overly impatient to talk with the captain. Although he seemed grateful, it was still sometime before he gave his name as Peter Monroe. Meanwhile, up on the bridge, Arkin found it curious how there was no debris field or any indication of a major battle or ship destruction. Warp had her search for any Federation ships lost in the area, but her initial research showed no Starfleet vessels. She broadened her search, but was asked by Warp to head to his ready room as the new guest arrived on the bridge...

Monroe was questioned about what ship he was on and what had happened, but he only gave vague answers and stated that he did not know the name of his ship, nor the identity of those who had attacked it. Many of the crew sensed that something was off with his story - and his insistence that they return him to a starbase as soon as possible. Warp asked Prax to escort him to the VIP quarters while he checked up on "other matters." He then went to confer with Arkin, who revealed that a prison transport called the USS GridIron had not arrived at its destination, but had not shown up on her search because it had not been enough time to be declared missing. Warp brought up the passenger manifest and immediately recognized him as Drake Banning - a wanted criminal with a wide variety of past offenses.

Immediately Warp ordered Prax to have their guest escorted to "quarters" on Deck 5, aft, giving the excuse that the VIP quarters were still being repaired after the last incident. Prax dutifully escorted the man to the brig, where Warp and Arkin joined him. However, all was not right above - a cosmic cloud of sorts was coming up fast and seemed to be mirroring the ship's movements. With only seconds left until impact, Bom ordered red alert and shields at full. Warp stunned Banning rather than deal with him and ordered that he be thrown in the brig.

The cloud collided with the 'Tem - knocking out all the systems and the crew to the ground! It was over an hour before the crew regained consciousness; they found the ship oddly working and still on course. However, Arnet's scans of the crew began to show minor changes in their molecular structure. This began manifesting itself in a myriad of ways - Arkin suddenly became invisible, Prax zoomed up to the bridge with super speed, and Bom even exhibited spontaneous combustion.

Things quickly got worse as Warp became increasingly angry, seemingly ignoring the odd events going on around him. Even weirder, he began using telekineses to enforce his orders - including slamming Arnet into a turbolift when the doctor tried to relieve him of duty. Arnet suddenly teleported out of the turbolift and was at Warp's side again! While all this was happening, down on deck 5 a greater danger was lurking. Banning suddenly realized that he too had been changed, and he began to draw all the energy of the forcefield into his body. He discharged this energy at will toward any security officer planning to stop him.

He stormed down the deck, absorbing all the energy he could into himself - a true super villain was on the loose.

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