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Truth and Consequences, Part I

A day after the Ascendant vessel jumped to warp, the Potemkin was still making repairs from damaged sustained during the disastrous encounter. Word then arrived from Rokan stating that this new foe had suddenly changed course and was heading for a world on the outskirts of the Federation. Captain Mitchell immediately ordered the 'Tem to jump to high warp to warn the inhabitants of the planet of the impending doom. However, this grew more complicated when the computer revealed that the world was Rogasa IV; a pre-warp society. Now the crew was left in murky Prime Directive waters.

In response to this, Warp called the senior staff in to the Observation Lounge to discuss the situation. He revealed that the Rogasan were just now coming into an industrial age; radio had just been invented, and the Ascendant might pick up the EM emissions and not pass the planet by. Several ideas were bandied about to try and protect the Rogasans without violating the Prime Directive, but nothing seemed to fit the bill. Melina volunteered to beam over to the Ascendant ship, given how taken they had been with her during the last encounter. Although the idea was softly rejected, it did give Warp and Arkin an idea. The Rogasans had physiological markings that could have been the evidence of ancestral gills - the Ascendant could be seeking other planets with aquatic or formerly aquatic species to see if that was their "Fablehome."

To determine if the inhabitants of Rogasa were in any danger, Prax put an away team together to go down and determine if the Rogasans would attract the Ascendants attention. Bom was to put together a holographic cloaking shield, while Rollands and Arnet were to study the inhabitants. Meanwhile, Arkin and Melina were order by Warp to try and calculate the course of the Ascendant based on planets with aquatic life. Bom, Prax, and Fuller retrieved the holo-emitters from engineering and set them up in Transporter Room 1 so Nguyen could beam them down to create an effective duck blind. Arnet and Rollands grabbed some diagnostic tools from sickbay and went to join the rest of the away team. Arkin and Melina were able to plot six planets that the Ascendant could head to, one seeming the most likely - and it was warp capable.

The away team immediately set up shop in the duck blind, and started conducting scans on a group of native Rogasans nearby. The planet had very low lighting and was cold, leading to speculation about the citizens evolving from fish in the dark waters. However, they soon learned that they were not alone when a small child, named NGari, was heard nearby. Prax and Bom tried to calm down the young Rogasan, but then they noticed that the group they had been studying earlier was heading toward the blind! Without much time, Prax ordered an emergency beam out and the away team plus equipment were quickly back on the 'Tem again. Arnet revealed that they had eyesights well into the infrared and mostly likely spotted the team's heat signatures.

Warp ordered a report from Bom and Arnet in one hour to decide their options. One things still remained clear, though - the Ascendant were still coming and the crew still had no plan of attack.

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