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The Long Wait

After the small promotion ceremony from the last sim, Misters Prax, Micheal, and MacCoroy beamed over to the Trafalgar to begin their tour of duty after the news of a flotilla of Wotal vessels embarking for the Nerian system. They had stayed at the edge of the system, right out of sensor range for the moment. It's been a week at high alert, with the Potemkin and Trafalgar holding positions over one of Neria's larger moons while pre-admission deliberations had been ongoing on board the Diplomatic vessel Utrecht.

Captain Prax walked the bridge of his new command, conferring with Doctor MacCoroy about the rushed transfer and the status of the Trafalgar. Micheal was also summoned to the bridge to round out the new command crew. On the 'Tem, things were quite the same. Bom ask Jordan to check in with Melina and Arkin about Prax and Micheal being away and in harms way. On an official note, sensors showed the Wotal vessels holding outside the system. A security team from the Bellerophon on the planet reported nothing odd either. However, just when everything looked calm, Arkin's sensors flared up - the Wotal were moving in toward the planet.

Bom, in his new capacity as XO, instantly called for a red alert. The Wotal ships were going to cross by the moon and would reached Neria in one hour. Lieutenant Strate informed Captain Prax of the change in the Wotal position, and soon the general order was sent out for a flotilla wide red alert, with the Bellerophon being order to drop back just in case they needed to retrieve their team on the surface. Meanwhile, Arkin reported that all the Wotal ships were on the same course, except for one that had turned toward the 'Tem's position and, surprisingly enough, hailed.

Warp had a channel opened, but it turned out to only be a blank screen. Warp tried talking, but the Wotal failed to respond. Meanwhile, on the Trafalgar, which was listening in, Micheal's engineering console suddenly lit up. A similar thing happened on the 'Tem, but before anyone could catch it, power failed on the Trafalgar. Seconds later, the exact same thing happened on the Potemkin. Communications was the only system with power - and neither Strate nor Melina were able to cut the comm channel. Bom was able to determine that there was an energy bleed somewhere that was leaking all power into space.

Finally Bom was able to cut the communication relays - having the effect of stopping the Wotal signal, but stopping all communications on or off the ship. The Wotal vessel veered off to join the rest of the fleet, believing that the 'Tem was disabled. Warp ordered Arnet to take the newest runabout out to be able to communicate with the rest of the fleet to inform them that command was transferred to Admiral Atherton on the Utrecht. Micheal was finally able to locate a Trojan horse virus from the Wotal communication, and went to work trying to correct it.

The two ships were slowly restoring power, but they were still in dire straights. Arkin then reported that sensors had detected a subspace discharge coming from a Wotal vessel toward the Nerian moon. Warp ordered Fuller to launch a probe, hoping to fool the Wotal into seeking the 'Tem could actually communicate with it. Arnet, on the Tiber was also beginning to register the discharges at the moon. Bom was also able to restore communications, and Warp ordered the de Ruyter to join the 'Tem in investigating what the Wotal were doing.

Suddenly the Wotal hailed again. Warp refused to accept it, but asked Arnet to relay it from the Tiber. The doctor was not too happy to report that the Wotal had just given them all an ultimatum - the Federation vessels were to leave within the next twenty minutes or the Wotal would blow up the Nerian moon! Warp quickly requested command of the fleet again since the 'Tem had communications up again and Atherton granted the request. He dispatched orders for the a few maneuvers, but Prax had plans of his own. The Trafalgar having more power than the 'Tem, Prax ordered his ship to go between the Wotal and the moon. Unbelievable to all on the 'Tem, the Trafalgar did just that and was hit by several blasts. It seemed enough to deter the Wotal, however, who turned toward the planet itself.

Fortunately the Trafalgar was still operational, and it had bought them all more time. However, Arkin's limited sensors flared up again with even worse news - the Wotal had begun transporting down to the surface!

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