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The Keeper

While patrolling in the Aceton sector, the Potemkin was able to pick up an energy spike in the nearby Metebelis system. Previous missions their in the past showed that no planet in that system had the technological capability to generate such a signature, and Warp set of course to investigate. The 'Tem dropped out of warp five minutes from Metebelis III, the source of the energy reading.

The senior officers gathered in the Observation Lounge, where Prax laid down the situation. The Metebelians were proto-Terran humanoids roughly in the middle of their medieval period. The energy spike seemed to be registering from a small hamlet near the equator. Visual inspection was impossible, as the natives seemed to have built a structure, possibly a shrine, around it. Warp made it clear that the Prime Directive was in full force, and nothing should be done to contaminate the native culture unless the object was somehow from the Federation. As the inhabitants seemed to appear nearly identical with humans, Bom and Melina were charged with making high altitude surveys with a shuttle while an away team led by Warp made direct contact.

The away team made their way to the transporter room where they changed into appropriate clothing for the mission, and Arnet did some minor cosmetic surgery to hide Prax's Bajoran heritage. At the same time Bom, Melina, Hara, and Rollands made their way to the shuttle bay to take the Indefatigable out for their observations. Finally the two groups left the ship to their respective missions. It was night time on Metebelis III, and the away team arrived a short distance from a large building - easily the biggest thing in the entire village. They were instantly arrested by a strong gagging smell - the smell of medieval hygiene. After scouting about, Fuller and Blaine claimed it was safe to sneak into the building undetected. The away team entered and the older members of the crew instantly recognized the thirty foot twisted metal structure jutting out of the ground - a Trai'Dar War Galley.

Up above, Rollands detected a sudden spike in energy. One of the omnidirectional cannons on the Trai'Dar vessel suddenly activated - and fired through the structure at the Indefatigable! Melina was able to avoid the blast, but Bom ordered the shuttle to pull back to a safe distance. The disturbance brought men to the shrine, who arrested the entire away team and determined that they had to be taken to see "The Keeper." They were unceremoniously ushered into a house, larger than the rest. There, settled on a sette was a long Trai'Dar. He was accompanied by a man named Strange, who was used as the alien's mouth piece.

Through Strange, the alien probed the away team as to their identity. Warp played coy, hoping to neither confirm or deny that they knew of the alien's identity. However, the Trai'Dar soon probed the away team's mind and found that they knew of him and his people - and that they were present when Traigar, their homeworld, was destroyed. Through Strange it revealed that it was injured and dying. It was unaware of the ultimate fate of its people, but did say that there were a handful still out there somewhere. Then, quite suddenly, both Strange and the Trai'Dar collapsed. Strange recovered, but revealed that "the Keeper" had died. He had died happy, now that he knew the ultimate fate of his race, and had given a small measure of his knowledge to Strange.

The away team quickly left the scene, to avoid being blamed for "the Keeper's" death. As they beamed away, however, they did acknowledge that leaving a pre-industrial society with an alien corpse, ship, and some knowledge of the universe was a dangerous thing...

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