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The Blue Riband, Redux

Six months after a holodeck malfunction prematurely ended the original excursion to Gerald Hollway's The Blue Riband, the crew once again attempted to finish the story. They picked up where they had previously had to stop, except, in this version of the story, the dinner from the previous evening had been broken up after the discovery of the gun and the passengers had been ushered to their cabins.

The story picked up the next morning with the passengers eating breakfast in shifts. Mrs. Rolandson remained missing, casting a gloomy cloud over those gathered to eat. No one had that much of an appetite, so discussion over the current predicament of the ship was rampant. Bryant, the mysterious South African, seemed most eager to unravel the mystery and went so far as to interrogate a few of his fellow diners about their whereabouts on the previous evening. Everyone had a story to tell, and Peter Davison, the writer, was ready to jot them down.

Eventually the crew came to escort the passengers back to their cabins. Many resisted, but Captain Goulet insisted that it was a necessary precaution. Bryant, however, slipped a note to Goulet before being led out of the dining area. Allayah and Melina were both led to an unfamiliar cabin, where they were told to wait and keep each other company. Davenport, Bangert, and Bryant were all led to another room with Goulet to answer a few questions. Things started to get more interesting immediately. The two women found a single bullet in the cabin where they were put and, thinking that it might match the unfired revolver from the previous night, demanded to speak with the captain.

Meanwhile, in the interrogation, Davenport began to crack under pressure. He suddenly gave a confession - he was spying on the Normandie for the Cunard line. However, he denied having anything to do with the disappearance of Mrs. Rolandson. Allayah and Melina arrived at this juncture to reveal the discovery of the bullet. The revolver was fetched and it was determined that the bullet was definitely a match. Bryant theorized that, since the lounge was just across the deck from where the revolver was discovered, someone had filled the chamber in the lounge, dropped the bullet, and had finished filling the chamber without picking up the dropped bullet. Goulet ordered the crew to search the lifeboat next to where the gun had been found. Dartford insisted that he had nothing to do with any of this; he was only a spy, not a murderer. Bryant revealed that he believed him - he was a private investigator hired by the investors of the Normandie to make sure no competitors did anything to the ship.

The crew came back from searching the life boat, showing that the cover had been loose and someone had been in there. They also produced a brassire - a lover's tryst had occurred. Then another crewman came in and claimed that he had found a hat in the boat as well - an officer's hat from a French passenger liner, specifically a Captain's hat. It became apparent that Goulet was missing his hat. Bryant noticed that the revolver was a French service revolver. Goulet then admitted that he had "explored" the lifeboat with the missing passenger. However, the madam had become pregnant and Goulet, in a fit of passion, threw her overboard. When Melina brought up the revolver and Dartford asked why it hadn't been fired, Bryant revealed that the gun had jammed. The captain said that Bryant was correct. He had tried to shoot Rolandson, but the gun jammed, so he pistol whipped her and dumped her in the ocean instead.

Goulet was put under arrest and led out of the room. Dartford asked for clemency for his spying if he handed over his photographs. Bryant agreed to the terms, but warned Dartford not to let it known that he had been lenient. The First Officer came back to the cabin and thanked Bryant and Allayah for their parts in exposing the crimes aboard and then left to send a dispatch to Paris - there was much to report.

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