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The Blue Riband

Three days after being returned to the Sol System thanks to Ozymandias's power, the Potemkin has made it to Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards to receive a new bridge module and undergo other necessary repairs. This resulted in a bit a downtime for the crew, so Captain Mitchell decided that a diversion was in order. The senior staff was invited to participate in the newly restored holodecks by taking parts in a holonovel called "The Blue Riband" by acclaimed 23rd century author, Gerald Hollway. The plot is set in 1935 aboard the transatlantic steamer ship Normandie, which is trying to claim the coveted Blue Riband prize for the fastest Atlantic crossing by steamship.

Chapter One began with the first and second class passengers gathering for an evening meal. They are quite a colorful bunch - the proper Mr. Derrick Dartford, the Edwardian adventurer Peter Davidson, the rather reserved Souther African Mathias Bryant, Japanese descendant Takeshi, the lost-in-the-upper-classes-world Jessica O'Neill, the Swedish high society Micheal Masters, the outspoken Melina Andrews, the young Allayah, and the quiet Cam Kollent. Also, at the helm, was the Scottish Lieutenant Mills.

Dinner progressed, first with soups, salads, and rolls. The guest chatted and introduced themselves. Dartford revealed that he was a holder in the Cunard line of steam ships and a great fan of the Queen Mary. Bryant suggested that he was in the law field. Masters and O'Neill struck a lively conversation, while Melina engaged Takeshi. Meanwhile, it was reported to Mills that a Mrs. Rolandson, one of the first class passengers had disappeared. He ordered the ship to full stop so they could look for her. The French captain, Goulet, then ordered Mills to tell the passengers that there would be a slight delay.

Mill's announcement didn't go over very well, especially an impatient Bryant. Once it was revealed that someone was missing, Andrews and Takeshi instantly volunteered to help. Suddenly, the lower decks emitted a horrible groan. Mills then ordered everyone to the lifeboat until they understood what was happening. Dartford became angry at the suggestion, demanding to speak to the Captain. Goulet eventually appeared himself and ordered everyone to the lifeboats - just in case. Only then did the passengers relent.

Everyone funneled out onto the deck, but Bryant ran to his cabin to stuff some items into a carry along bag before joining them. Mills still could not quite convince all the passenger to climb into boats, although he did have some minor success. Bryant discovered an unfired pistol on the deck and reported it to Mills; he immediately left Bryant in charge to round everyone up while he consulted with the Captain Goulet. They determined that the revolver had not been fired, but had no explanation how it wound up on the deck of the ship. Afterward the South African offered his jacket to the cold Allayah, who gratefully accepted. Afterward, however, she found some travel papers in his coat pocket for a Matthew Jennings...

The crew slowly began to drop character once they realized something was a bit off. Melina and Micheal worried that the holodeck was malfunctioning again. Warp confirmed this by telling Arnet that these problems were not in the story of the holonovel. The boat began listing to port, first only noticeable, then five, ten, and fifteen degrees. Warp's attempt to shut down the program weren't working and soon they couldn't even call for the arch or the exit. Ryan, Micheal, and Hara were called to find an access panel and shut down the program.

As the listing grew worse, Warp ordered everyone to launch the lifeboats because there was no guarantee that the holodeck safeties were working. However, Melina was tossed against the railing and the ship leaned and could not get to a lifeboat. Arnet and Warp moved to her rescue, but Arnet slipped and ended up hanging by the railing. Micheal and Ryan made it safely to the lifeboat, but Hara stayed working at the controls. Warp ordered everyone over the side, but Hara refused to comply. Just as Warp, Melina, and Arnet jumped Hara managed to shut down the program; everyone ended up on the holodeck floor, greatly confused.

Sadly, Warp had to close off the holodecks once again. "The Blue Riband" would have to wait for another day.

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