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Sunken Hopes, Part II

The Breen opened fire on the 'Tem's recently raised shields. Fuller asked for permission to return fire; Prax granted it to him, but also asked for a hail. Surprisingly enough, the hostile aliens answered and stated that the planet below was claimed in the name of the Breen Confederacy. Prax tried to negotiate for time to rescue the downed shuttle, but the Breen ordered the 'Tem's immediate departure. During this time Arkin found an area with less thorium through which sensor maybe could pinpoint the shuttle. However, Prax was forced to have the 'Tem withdraw. He ordered Tran to set the 'Tem on a zig zag course to break orbit. Fuller was to drop torpedoes with time detonators in ordered to hid the Potemkin's true path.

Meanwhile, down in the shuttle, Warp organized the crew to look for solutions. Melina was able to guess that they were down about 100 meters - meaning that leaving the shuttle would dangerous. Rollands and Hara were tasked with finding something to stop the leak while Warp and Melina looked for anything that could double as breathing mask should the worse come to pass. Then, ominously, the shuttle shuddered a bit; they definitely were not situation on firm ground. Hara and Rollands were unable to stop the leak, and the water was already at a meter at the shuttle's lowest point. The only good news was that Melina was able to replicate a set of breathing masks for the rest of the away team.

Prax's plan was to hide over the northern pole of the planet after evading the Breen. He, Bom, and Arkin theorized about burning off a layer of thorium in order to create an artificial window with which to find the away team. After considering all the angles, Prax ordered the ship to drop shields and hit the atmosphere. This it did, igniting the thorium clouds behind it - and alerting the Breen. The 'Tem was rocked as pockets of thorium burst all around it. Arkin had modified the deflector to act as a sort of radar, mainly because all sensors went down as the ship dove deeper into the planet's atmosphere. Even worse, the CO2 scrubbers were beginning to malfunction for no apparent reason.

Things in the shuttle were still grim. Sensing that leaving the shuttle was the only option, Warp dove under the water to retrieve the emergency transmitter. Hara was able to do some work on Melina's suit to enable it to convert water to oxygen, while the shuttle began to shudder even more because of its precarious situation. Warp strapped the transmitter to his back and had everyone don their respirators. Melina was to be their guide in heading toward the surface, slowly as to avoid "the bends." The away team opened the hatch and water flooded in to drown the Lovelace. The three humans were able to exit, but Melina was nearly caught inside when the shuttle finally fell over the edge, plunging into the darkness below...

The 'Tem nearly slammed into a few tall rock formations, but Tran managed to narrowly avoid disaster. Finally Prax had the ship come to a hovering stop to evaluate their situation. They quickly found out that they were over water and Fuller was commanded to flash the exterior lighting in Morse code. Complicating things, however, there were concussions that seemed to originate outside, but no objects were detectable using Arkin's radar - the Breen possibly were using torpedoes as depth charges. The concussions continued, and the submerged away team could see great flashes above them, along with strong vibrations filtering through the water.

The away team continued upward, despite serious malfunctions in their breathing masks. Unfortunately, once they broke the surface, they found that the hovering Potemkin was churning the surface at nearly gale force velocities. At the same time Prax ordered Fuller to accompany him to deck 15 - they were going to try and fish the crew out of the water. The two attached themselves to the ship and lowered the gang plank. However, with the water being whipped about so, it was impossible to spot the away team. Those in the water began to cramp up and to feel the beginning of the bends from their quick ascent to the surface.

The Potemkin hovered dangerously close to the water's surface and was rocked by several waves that threatened to over heat the nacelles. Then, quite by accident, Prax found the group. With much effort the four were rescued from the churning water and were quickly rushed to sickbay and the waiting hyperbolic chamber. However, the ship was not in the clear yet - they still had to leave the surface. As the 'Tem tried to ascend, parachute torpedoes exploded around them, throwing the ship around as it climbed in altitude. The Potemkin eventually broke through into space again, with the Breen vessel close behind. Bom coaxed all he could out of the engines and the ship limped away from the scene at warp - battered, but with all her crew home.

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