A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Sunken Hopes, Part I

In the wake of the discovery of a new planet, the ship's astronomers and science officers have been in a buzz lately. As the sim opened, the crew was trying to probe the mysteries of the new globe, but sensors would not penetrate the gaseous clouds enveloping this strange new world. In the meantime, two new Potemkinites were introduced: Ensigns Tran and Rollands. Memories of Michael's latest passing still hung heavy in the air, and the crew was willing to put their concentration into this new effort.

The problem of sensor penetration still persisted, but another wrinkled soon emerged. A Starfleet Emergency Transmission signal was detected. Melina piped it through, and a garbled message from a ship called the USS Yavapai came through the speakers. A quick search revealed that Captain Gutierrez was the CO - an old Academy classmate of Warp's. Fuller was ordered to send down a probe to detect where at the Yavapai could be resting. However the probe's triangulation became garbled and disappeared somewhere down beneath the clouds.

Warp decided that a rescue mission was needed, and quickly put together an away team of Hara, Melina, and Rollins to do so. Arkin, Prax, and Arnet were quick to remind the away team that radiation protocols had to be followed for this type of situation. Warp agreed and, after inoculations, they departed in the Lovelace, a type-9 shuttlcraft. Rollins and Arkin decided to tie in the two sensor networks to optimize this chance to study the planet.

On board, Prax explained his doubts about Warp heading this mission himself, which was quickly seconded. Things stopped going smoothly as the shuttle slipped beneath the clouds. Radiation spiked and sensor telemetry began downgrading exponentially. Communications began to go down, and pretty soon the shuttle craft was almost completely isolated. Pretty soon the tiny shuttle was being tossed by fierce winds and cloud currents. The buffeting did not stop there. There was a horrible scraping sound, as it soon became apparent that the shuttle had hit a mountain full force. The occupants are knocked unconscious.

Back on the 'Tem, the crew was desperately trying to pick up the shuttle. Arkin noticed something odd - the planet's atmosphere had a high amount of Thorium 231, an isotope that does not occur naturally and can block sensors and transporters. By the looks of it, someone had to be literally pumping the atmosphere full of it. Prax ordered the ship to try moving toward the southern pole, a section that didn't not have as much cloud cover. However, as they did so, another vessel quickly popped onto sensors; a Breen ship was stationed there, and did not take kindly to the Potemkin's presence...

Meanwhile, the shuttle crew began to gain consciousness. Warp moved to help an injured Rollins, while Hara and Melina began to inspect the damage. Then they made a staggering observation - the shuttle was at the bottom of an ocean, and slowly taking on water!

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