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Stranded, Part I

The Potemkin was in orbit of Xenia, trying to form a treaty with the inhabitants. Captain Mitchell was already on the service and was waiting for the beam down of Counselor Jordan, Commander Arkin, First Lieutenant Fuller, and Lieutenant jg Melina to carry on the negotiations. The rest of the crew was about doing their regular duties.

However, things soon took a turn for the worse. During transport, sparks flew across Nguyen's console and blew out the transporter and all sensors. It soon became apparent that the away team had not arrived at their destination. The engineers were instantly called to the transporter room while Arnet, still a bit weak and pale from the Acorian incident, tried to get sensors back up on the bridge. In the end, no one on board knew what had happened. Uatu and Micheal found the transporter circuitry still in perfect order -- this didn't make sense.

Arkin and Melina eventually materialized somewhere on the planet that was covered by ice and snow. With temperatures at harsh low, they quickly sought shelter in an ice cave and tried their best to keep warm. Suddenly, a howl whipped about on the wind - something was out there, and coming closer. A huge, white, "teddy bear" monster came through the cave opening in hopes of eating the stranded crew members. They were able to kill the beast, and Arkin cut the thing opened and ordered Melina to get inside, in order to keep warm. The temperature was still falling, and they still had no contact with the ship...

Jordan and Fuller, who appeared in the middle of a vast desert, were not much better off. Unable to communicate with the ship, they decided to head toward some mountains ten kilometers distant in hopes of finding cooler temperatures, water, and/or shade there. Along the way each compared their survival experience (notably Fuller's experience in Black Ops). However, things went from bad to worse when they came across several large pits that seemed to pot mark the landscape and Fuller became caught in a patch of quicksand. Jordan was able to pull him out, and soon afterward her combadge sprang to life...

During this whole time the engineers and Arnet were unable to figure out what had happened to the transporter or the sensors. Arnet had to restrain Bom from taking a runabout down and combing the entire planet for Jordan (the only away team member that he vocally expressed concern about), but finally relented with the idea of hooking the runabout's sensors into the main computer and relaying information up to the ship. Arnet, Bom, and Petty Officer Crash took the Huang Ho down into the atmosphere to scan for the survivors. Although there was a fair amount of distortion, they were able to contact Jordan.

They were about to retrieve her, but the Xenia Planetary Guard suddenly began firing on the runabout, stating that it had not clearance to enter Xenia airspace. All attempts at explaining failed, with the Xenia's claiming that Warp was the only person they showed as being on the surface. The runabout was forced to pull up.

Things took another sharp turn for the worst when Warp was arrested by the paranoid Xenians, Arkin and Melina now hearing multiple howls coming their way, and Jordan and Fuller being attacked by a giant ant like creature...

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