A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Shrouded In the Dark

The Potemkin has been sent to Beta Quadrant on a scientific mission to catalog changes nebulae and stellar nurseries over the past few years. Because of the recent wars and conflicts, very few such missions had been carried out. At this point, the 'Tem was studying a stellar nursery near Galordon Core. As the ship continued forward toward a hydrogen plume from a dying star, Melina confirmed that the whole region had elevated regions of gamma radiation. Arkin's sensors, however, pointed out an odd area, a few hundred meters across, that seemed to contain no radiation.

It didn't seem to be from a dark cluster at all, so Prax and Warp decided to set a course. En route Arkin noted that the growth in the nebulae seemed a bit off from what is should be naturally. Scientific curiosity was getting the best of everyone when Melina announced that they had arrived at the coordinates - and that the void had seemingly moved thirty light seconds from it's previous place! Warp ordered the ship taken to it's new coordinates and that the void be continuously monitored. The 'Tem had traveled far when Melina announced that the void had now reversed course and was on an intercept course for the Potemkin!

Warp ordered the ship to set a new course, but the void mimicked the move and even matched the 'Tem's full impulse speed. Warp ordered the shields up as the fast moving "void" struck the ship. Energy began to be siphoned off and the 'Tem lurched about as the creature struck the hull. Prax, with some quick thinking, emitted super heated matter from the Bussard collectors toward the void. The reddish cloud of rapidly cooling matter seemed to be sucked up by the creature, but it had the effect of leaving the 'Tem free to move and act. Wasting no time, Warp asked Arkin if any similar phenomenon had been reported. She reported that the Klingons had a legend about a black creature that devoured ships. Not liking the sound of that, the order was given to make an exit and go to warp 8.

The crew had just begin to relax when Melina announced that the void had proceeded to jump to warp as well - warp 1, then warp 2, warp 3, and climbing! The crew debated if it were a ship of sorts or maybe a warp capable space entity of sorts. Melina reminded everyone of the creatures that had been held at Farpoint Station - before announcing that it had matched the 'Tem's speed of warp 9. Bom suggested finding a plasma field that might tempt the creature more than the Potemkin. Unfortunately, Arkin was unable to find a suitable field. It ultimately proved unnecessary, as the creature's speed suddenly slackened - then dropped completely. Bom theorized that the creature used the plasma in the nebula fuel it's warp field; the creature seemed to prove this right as it ceased pursuit and headed back from whence it came.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Arkin suggested that they release a warning beacon for any other passing ships. This the crew did, and then Warp had Melina set course toward the next nebula cluster.

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