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'Round Perdition's Flame, Part II

The sim began the moments after the last one left off. Ryan, Fuller, and Uatu decided to investigate the shuttle that the Acorian had arrived at Starbase 27 on. Perhaps it could hold more clues to why he was spouting off world apocalyptic doctrine. Meanwhile, the away team confronted Dr. Ganth about an antidote to the poison. He confessed there was none, however, a colleague of his had worked hard on finding one so he could hold some answers. When asked his name and where to find him, they were told that his name was Doctor Karth and he was now among the cultist populating Acoria...

They managed to ingratiate themselves a bit with a group of these doom sayers and were allowed entrance into their temple. Arkin found a strange (and faint) energy source coming from inside. Xan and Micheal were dispatched to track it down while Arkin, Melina, and Warp continued to search for Karth. The search led them deeper into the dark temple among "relics" and chanting cultists.

Above, the rest of the crew was busy with the shuttle. Fuller was able to access the ship's logs, but only found one entry - the trip from Acoria to Starbase 27. That seemed odd, as the shuttle seemed a good deal older than just one trip. Uatu began studying the design, stating that it was Lissepian in origin but some more tests were needed. Ryan and Fuller were later able to determine that there had been more logs...but they had been carefully and thoroughly deleted. This got more suspicious when Uatu noted that the warp field generated by the ship did not match Lissepian at all...in fact it was closer to a Federation civilian design.

They communicated their discoveries to Warp. At the same time Xan and Micheal reported that the strange readings were coming from a terminal, designed to look Acorian. It was a repository of the "scripture." However, it also showed that the cult had only begun a year ago...too young for something supposedly founded because of the destruction that happened five years ago. It was looking more and more like someone deliberately planted this cult on Acoria for the sole purpose of killing Arnet.

At the same time, Arkin and Melina found a certain cultist who seemed like Karth. At first he tried to get away, but was eventually captured. Eventually Warp, Xan, and Micheal joined them. The scared Karth stated, at first, that there was no antidote. However, they soon made him cough up a small vial and confessed that two men had threatened him so that he would keep it secret. He could not give them a detailed description as they stayed in the shadows.

Warp slowly began to put some pieces together. At this juncture, Fuller contacted Warp and announced that Arnet had died from the poison. The away team then was rushed back on board - as there was no more purpose to investigation. However, once back on board (and on the bridge) it was announced that it was all deception. Arnet was still very much alive and that something more was going on. Warp had Melina open a general hail and angrily demanded that those responsible identify themselves.

A voice suddenly came over the speakers, stating congratulations to the crew and that they should expect to be contacted again soon. Angrily, Warp left the bridge to visit sickbay...

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