A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


The Potemkin had finally left Wotal space behind and had been sent to do exploring on the edges of Federation territory. Long range scans picked up a radio pulse directed toward the Delta Quadrant. This is an old tracking station called the Hawking Array. It was used to try and detect new life forms. However, communications had been down for some time, so the ship changed course to investigate.

Dropping out of warp, they found the station without shield and with a minimal lifesign readings aboard. However, there was also an ion storm in the region that was disrupting sensors and making it impossible to have working transporters. They could tell that some sort of signal was being sent out from the station, but the disturbance made it impossible to tell much more than that. Finally one clear signal was received: HELP. Instantly Arkin requested permission from Warp, who was in a meeting with Prax and Arnet, for permission to take a shuttle over to investigate. Her request was granted, and the crew took the Huang Ho to investigate.

The three senior officers remained on ship, discussing the latest situation. Warp was hesitant to make Prax executive officer after Arnet had been filling that duty fairly well. Arnet insisted that he was not cut out to be a command officer and willingly turned the position over to his friend. He stepped back to be Chief Medical Officer, sharing the duties with FstLt MacCoroy.

The away team reached the array and proceeded to investigate. They found the station to be working at 60% lighting and that the air was stale and humid. They broke into two teams to investigate the different corridors of the array. As they continued to explore, the smell got worse and the lights also began to fluctuate. The whole scene was very eerie and only added so by mixed tricorder readings. First they read one life sign, then ten. They could not get a clear reading. Arkin, Hara, and Jordan also came across a space filled with a creepy green light.

Meanwhile Melina and Fuller began to notice that the walls seemed to "breathe" a bit, and that the standard walls seemed to go into organic parts. There was not much time to ponder of this mystery, as a pallid hand suddenly shot out of the wall to latch on to Jordan's hand. It had a crushing grip and only relented after being shot by Hara. Suddenly, more Borg drones burst out of the walls, grabbing any member they could find. Eventually one was even able to inject Ryan with its tubules.

The away team was barely able to escape, but unfortunately found the Huang Ho guarded by two drones and in the process of being assimilated. Arkin managed to take one out, but the other had adapted to the phaser beam. The whole of the away team was being crowded in by drones, and getting a message to the Potemkin was impossible due to ionic disturbances.

Then, in a weird twist of fate, one of the drones cornered Arkin and revealed that he was once Arkian - the father of her childhood friend. Due to his help they were able to stall for just enough time to get a message to Warp for emergency beam out. The captain ordered the transporter, despite the unreliability during the ion storm. Arkin begged the drone to come with her, but he countered that he had to give the away team enough time to get away. That was how he would honor who he once was.

The away team did get out alright, and Warp fired on the array. It was completely destroyed with all the Borg and the Huang Ho with it. Ryan was immediately rushed to sickbay to stop the assimilation process. The rest of the crew breathed a huge sigh of relief. They had won, by the skin of their teeth, once again.

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