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The Potemkin was called to the Neria system by Admiral Atherton, himself en route from Sol III with a political envoy. An emergency session of the Federation's Admittance council had been called as the planet of Neria applied for Federation membership. As the Nerians had a checkered past with their close neighbors, the Wotal, the Potemkin was tasked with protecting the space lanes near Neria; the Admiral would soon arrive with more information.

As the 'Tem sat nervously around Neria, the crew was acutely aware that their old nemesis, Rin, would most likely have something to say about the admittance of the Nerians to the Federation. After much waiting, a long distance hail came through from Admiral Atherton on the USS Utrecht. The admiral asked Warp to prepared for him to beam over and meet in the 'Tem's observation lounge. He also stated, rather ominously, that there were going to be some major "shake ups." At the same time, Arkin's scanners picked up four vessels entering the system; the transponders registered them as the Utrecht, the de Ruyter, the Bellerophon, and the Trafalgar. Atherton was quick to beam over to the 'Tem's observation lounge, citing that special haste had to be made in the case of Neria.

Atherton stated his opinion that having the Nerians become Federation members would help protect them from the Wotal, to which Warp (and Sorin, the crew was informed) disagreed. They thought that the Wotal would most likely increase their attacks because of their combined hatred of their neighbors and the Federation. Atherton assented to this view and stated that is why the flotilla was in orbit. He himself would be part of the diplomatic corp while Warp was being placed in charge of the defense forces. The last bit of news was that the Trafalgar was understaffed and Atherton requested that three officers from the 'Tem transport over to man various positions. Prax, Micheal, and Doctor MacCoroy were assigned to beam over to fulfill this task.

Atherton returned to the Utrecht, leaving the crew to carry out his orders. There was a bitter sweet moment among Micheal and Prax as they had to inform Melina and Arkin, respectively, of their new assignments. This did not sit well with either, but Arkin was especially hurt because of Prax's prior disappearance while in temporary command of the Trafalgar. MacCoroy was called to the bridge and reported to both Arnet and Prax to receive his new assignment. Meanwhile, Warp received specific orders from Atherton. There was a moment of consternation, then he retired to his ready room for a moment.

When he returned, he had a rash of announcements to make. First and foremost, in deference to Prax's new position and his years of exceptional service, he was promoted to the rank of Captain. This left the XO position open, so Bom was promoted to Commander and assigned as the temporary replacement. Mr. MacCoroy, to help with his new position for as long as he had it, was granted a battlefield promotion to Lieutenant Commander and assigned as the Chief Medical Officer of the Trafalgar. All celebrations of this news was cut shut by a priority message being broadcast on all channels. It was from the Bellerophon and said that vessels had been detected leaving Wotal Prime; they would arrive in the Nerian system in an hour.

Warp, using his new authority, ordered all ships to red alert. Captain Prax took MacCoroy and Micheal to the transporter room to beam over to their new assignment. Things were about to get dicey...

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