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Pakleds of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Blokpurl!

Prior to the beginning of the sim, a Priority One message had arrived via subspace from Starfleet Command. Travelers and long range sensors have reported heavy fighting along the edges of Klingon space, and all communication to and from Qo'noS, the Klingon homeworld, had been interrupted. The Federation cannot even raise their embassy on Qo'noS. Starfleet needed a starship in Klingon space immediately, and as luck would have it the Potemkin is the closest ship available. Starfleet wanted to know what's going on. Early reports indicated significant Klingon losses. If this was the beginning of an internal civil war, Starfleet needed to be on top of the situation immediately. The Potemkin was assigned to proceed at maximum warp to Klingon space and assess the situation.

On route, the crew was enjoying an uneasy silence. It seemed all too peaceful, prompting Prax to ask for status reports from all departments. He got a lackluster response from the groggy crew, but then Melina reported a small energy signature, just outside of Klingon space; the Potemkin would pass by it en route to their destination. Melina was able to clean it up and realize that it was a distress signal. Still working harder, she was able to patch through a broken audio/visual signal of a thick looking Pakled.

The Pakled, with his limited verbal skills, explained that his escaped pod "would not go" and that he needed his "fast ship." Melina confirmed that he was not in a full ship, but a cobbled together escape pod. Prax had the Pakled, who identified himself as "Captain Jaksparo," beamed to the bridge. He stated that he was searching for his bigger ship, the Blokpurl, which had been taken from him and was apparently cursed. It was hard to get much coherent information out of the easily confused Pakled, but eventually they were able to piece together some vital clues.

The Blokpurl had been stolen by a former friend of Jaksparo's named Barbosa. They had found something "to make them go" on Muertoid, the Asteroid of Death, and it had somehow cursed Barbosa and the crew. Arnet theorized that it sounded a lot like a disease. Prax had Melina set course toward the Blokpurl's ion trail to try and find the ship. As the 'Tem moved closer and closer to Klingon space, sensors began to detect a massive debris field of destroyed Klingon ships. Unbelievably, Jaksparo said that it was Barbosa and the Blokpurl that had done all this.

The mystery became a little more clear after Fuller detected Borg like energy signatures - confirming an earlier hypothesis that Micheal had shared, that the curse Jaksparo referred to was actually assimilation by the Borg. Prax guessed that the reason the Blokpurl was known to be fast was because it had transwarp capabilities. Prax asked Arkin to study the signature of the Borg technology. He then pressed Jaksparo for the location of "Muertoid," but, before the Pakled could answer, a Klingon Bird of Prey decloaked off the starboard bow. It would not answer hails and instead opened fired; Fuller only barely was able to raise shields in time.

Arkin was able to identify the ship as the ISS K'thulu; Prax ordered her to transmit a specific identification code. This got the Klingon's attention, and their commander, Captain LovKraf, contacted the 'Tem to tell them to retreat. LovKraf was upset about the devestation wrought at the hands of the Pakhled (who he considered to be weak) and was willing to destroy the 'Tem or be destroyed so that no one would know of their shame. LovKraf revealed that the Klingon forces were going to make a last stand in three hours to take out the enhanced Pakled ships.

Prax, seeing how obstinate LovKraf was being (the Klingon was still arming torpedoes to blow the 'Tem away) cut the channel and asked Arnet to scan Jaksparo. It was found that the Pakled was crawling with primitive nanoprobes. Upon suggests from Prax, Arnet had MacCoroy run him up some of his test nanoprobes that found assimilation. These Arnet injected into him and instructed Melina to follow the course of the Blokpurl - Jaksparo could do all the rest.

The Potemkin quickly found the Blokpurl traveling at standard speeds in order to bait new Klingon ships. They hailed the assimilated, but still infuriatingly Pakled, Barbasoa; he agreed to let Jaksparo beam over because the latter had said he had new information for them to assimilate. As the Borg like Pakleds tried to assimilate their Jaksparo, they were all infected by Arnet's retro-nanoprobes. Jaksparo took over his rightful place as captain of the Blokpurl, and had the ship jump away in search of new adventures, leaving the Potemkin in the dust.

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