A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


While cruising along, the Potemkin's sensors suddenly came to life saying that something was following the ship. The warp field was blocking sensors from identifying the vessel properly, so Warp ordered the 'Tem to drop to impulse. To everyone's horror and amazement, a Borg cube dropped out warp and began to scan the vessel. However, Arkin was quick to point out that the cube seemed to old, the schematics matched 2378 data. However, it was still powerful enough to latch onto the 'Tem and begin draining power.

The shields dropped just enough so that the Borg could beam aboard. They landed in the 'Tem's medical suite, where Melina was being treated due to complications with her pregnancy. They seemed lethargic at first, but soon became interested in the machinery around Melina. Arnet and Jordan jumped into action, attacking them with hyposprays and phasers. Unfortunately, nothing seem to work and as one pinned Arnet, another rounded on Jordan, and a third advanced toward Melina. The third managed to grab Melina and interject her with tubules. Arnet managed to fell one of their attackers, but the second grabbed Jordan painfully by the arm and beamed away with the third and Melina. The Cube disengaged the tractor beam and moved to get away. Warp immediately called for an away team, knowing that if the Borg got away, there would be little chance of getting Melina and Jordan back.

The abducted Melina and Jordan found themselves alone in the cube and being ignored by the drones around her. Melina's condition seemed to stabilize a bit while the injected nanites began to correct her pregnancy problem, but they would soon try to take over her system. Jordan tried to find some way to help her, but ran into a drone - a most unusual drone; she appeared to be a beautiful woman that was only half assimilated. Even more so, she seemed to be fighting the assimilation. She introduced herself as "Persephone" and moved to help Melina. Meanwhile, the away team arrived on the Cube and began searching for the missing Jordan and Melina. Yet, Prax and Arkin began to sense that something was off - the Cube seemed to be disconnected from the hive mind.

Persephone revealed, as she tried to heal Melina, that she was an Olympian - one of Hyperion's people. She had been assimilated 10 years ago, but has been staving off the effects for a decade. Her power had disconnected the Cube from the hive mind. On their way, the away team on the Cube began to stir up trouble and a fire fight ensued as they made their way to where Jordan and Melina were. Once there, Persephone revealed that used to have control over the drones, but her influence was weakening. She was glad to hear from Prax that a few of her kind still lived, but then she gave up the ghost and melted away.

The drones, with someone no longer controlling them, became frantic and started attacking anything, even each other. The crew fought their way through to a place where the 'Tem could beam them out. One of drones grabbed Ryan, but was beaten back by the away team. Finally, Nguyen was able to beam them out, safe and sound. At Arnet and Prax's suggestion, Warp ordered the cube destroyed. Ten quantum torpedoes were launched, hitting the Cube hard. After a few moments, the Cube was gone and the Potemkin could move on.

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