A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Once A Year

The Potemkin has been dispatched to a remote scientific outpost situated on Arlax V in the Beat Quadrant. The outpost is studying the system's star, Arlax, which is one of only a handful of known flare stars. Per Starfleet policies, once a year a ship is dispatched to conduct check-ups on the researchers and transfer down any needed supplies. As the sim started, Prax, Arnet, Jordan, and Rollands were ready to beam down to the research outpost, which had signaled that they were ready to receive the visitors.

While the away team was beaming down, Arnet happened to make an incredibly thoughtless comment that miffed Jordan to no end - something that would have long consequences. The team arrived under the reddish sky of Arlax V and made their way to a small shelter. There they met Doctor Tyler, one of the scientists, who seemed less than pleased to have to take time for the medical exam. Meanwhile, the 'Tem slipped out of orbit to get closer observation of the star. While in close proximity, the shields started to be bombarded by radiation and emitted plasma. The luminosity of the star suddenly increased by a factor of four. With ever passing moment the star started to emit more and more heat, light, and radiation.

Down on Arlax V, Mrs. Tyler and Doctor Zegura rushed into the shelter claiming that the star had just given off a X70 flare and that they all had to get into a special shelter. Arnet distributed radiation medicine, but he and Jordan's ongoing hostility made for very cramped quarters. Prax did his best to make both sides back down, but was making zero headway. At the same time the Potemkin was in deep trouble. Shields failed and radiation levels built up on the outer hull. Consoles began to explode across the bridge and then, inexplicably, weapons fired was heard. Warp gave the order to move to the battle bridge.

The crew arrived on the secondary bridge just as main power failed across the ship. Insulated as they were inside the ship, rounds of radiation medication was still called for. The ship continued to take a pounding, with even emergency power failing. And then, the dull sound as something (relatively) softly hit the hull. In a flash, all power died down on the bridge. Then, while the bridge was in total darkness, there were two yellow flashes and two figures appeared on the bridge. The lights quickly returned and revealed that the new arrivals were Ferengi. And not just any Ferengi - the 'Tem's returning nemesis DaiMon Nor! Down in the shelter, under orders from Prax, Arnet tried in his...unique way...to apologize to Jordan. But the Counselor had had enough of him and refused to listen to him.

Nor, gloating in his fashion, ordered everyone to the observation lounge on that deck. When people resisted, Nor and his colleagues stunned them with phasers and finally coerced everyone into the lounge. There he announced his plan - his ship was, at that moment, ferrying the 'Tem out of the outer corona of the sun. Once it was free of the star, Nor was claiming the Potemkin as his personal flagship! With a sinister sneer, he locked the crew in the lounge and went about commandeering his prize. Meanwhile, the flare activity had faded and those in shelter were finally able to leave, but Jordan and Arnet's dispute was no closer to being settled than before. The scientist and away team soon discovered that the 'Tem had arrived in orbit but was not responding to hails.

Stuck in the lounge, Warp came up with an idea. They were right behind the panel for environmental controls and it was possible to hijack the systems and flood the bridge with anesthezine gas. It took some doing, but they were able to knock out Nor and his men and retake the bridge. At long last they are able to communicate with the away team and beam them back aboard. And now it was time to decide what to do with Nor.

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