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The Potemkin was sent into orbit of Neptune to conduct training drills while Cornell's investigation continued onward. The training was simple: Red team tried to capture the ship while Blue defended. Each team was given special training phasers that were tied into their combadges. Every hit was registered there and a mild (?) shock was received. Other than that, the rules were simply capture/defend.

The Red team (consisting of Arnet, Fuller, Jordan, Micheal, and Melina) started in the hangar bay on Deck 8 while the Blue Team (Arkin, Krump, Tora, Hara, Ryan, and MetallicA) were positioned on the bridge. Blue instantly initiated standard lock down, with force field and door locks going into place. Red took their first move by retrieving oxygen masks in case of any attempts by the Blue to tamper with the environmental systems. Due to some tricky engineering, Red managed to get out into the corridor. They decided to head toward Engineering and pirate computer control from there. Unfortunately the center stairwell was blocked and force fields were going up all over the place.

However, the simulation had been programmed very well. The "ship" that had delivered the Red to the hangar bay was still "firing" on the Potemkin. This neutralized a few tactical advantages, such as transporters, and kept the Blue a bit off balance. The Red soon found themselves in a Jeffrie's tube heading toward Deck 8...but not before the Blue managed to shut down lights and gravity.

After an arduous journey to the still illuminated deck 10, and then into main engineering, the Red was able to wrestle computer control away from the bridge. However, their position was precarious without control of the malfunction force fields and environmental systems. They had computer control, but not of the ship. Meanwhile, Blue plotted to take out the "intruders."

Splitting up into various groups, the Blue headed for engineering. Thanks to Micheal's engineering expertise, the Red was able to raise forcefields in main engineering. However, Arkin and Ryan were able to slip through beforehand. Camouflaging herself, Arkin snuck up on the Red and incapacitated Arnet. This started a fire fight in engineering, with the Red facing against the Blue...but half the Blue was invisible!

Then, Krump was able to make his way into engineering via a Jeffrie's tube...but curiously put his phaser away. Then the whining noise started....and grew louder. Before anyone could react, the phaser simulated an overload, "killing" most of those in the room! The dead were transported to Captain Mitchell's ready room and told that the simulation had ended. Blue had won...by almost blowing up the engine room and the whole ship with it!

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