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Two hour after the red vs. blue simulations, the crew was again divided up to work on another scenario. This time each team would be in a holodeck commanding a fictitious Potemkin against a foe - who would be the opposing team. Holodeck one was staffed by Fuller, Arkin, and Xan while holodeck two had Ryan, Uatu, Melina, and Micheal. Fuller and Ryan were in charge of their respective ships.

The simulation started in holodeck one and the red alert klaxons immediately kicked in. Sensors picked up a ship, presumably hostile, with weapons hot and shields online. Fuller had weapons and shield status verified. He also ordered a hail sent out, which was replied to by an obscure figure on a darkened bridge. It identified itself as the star cruiser Adelkis. The ship asked the "Potemkin" to stand down and abruptly closed the channel when Fuller did not capitulate.

Fuller ordered a warning shot off the bow, ignoring an incoming hail momentarily. The Adelkis locked weapons again, but still hailed. This time the "Potemkin" responded, and the commander of the enemy vessel stated that he would agree to Fuller's terms, but only if the "'Tem" lowered its weapons and shields. Still wary, the opposing vessel took the initiative and lowered it's shields and weapons as a show of good faith. However, when the "Potemkin" declined to follow suit, the Adelkis showed that it was all an act and pounded the shields with pulses of phaser fire. The fire took ventral shields down to 50% after the initial volley.

Arkin was ordered to find a way to break the Adelkis's weapons lock; she decided to use the deflector dish to send a disrupting impulse beam that would have just that effect. Unfortunately, the beam had little to no effect when fired. Xan was able to make a few lucky strikes with a volley of photon torpedoes, however. Fuller asked about the compliment of shuttlecraft aboard, thinking they could be put on autopilot and launched at the enemy ship. Unfortunately, before anything could be enacted, a glimmer was seen leaving the enemy ship hand heading right for them.

There was a massive explosion, with main power dropping and console on the back of the bridge burning out. Sensors were able to read a tricobalt explosion before being knock off line. Even worse, shields were down completely and the Adelkis continued to pepper the ship's hull with phaser fire. Fuller called for a return volley of their own tricobalt device, but the Adelkis was too fast and fired two torpedoes that slammed into the weapons pod and destroyed most of the torpedo launchers. The enemy ship then came in closer to finish off the Fuller and the rest.

Miraculously, the tricobalt launcher was still operational, and Arkin was able to channel secondary power to bring the shields up to 10%. When the projectile was ready, Fuller ordered it launched, along with what was left of their arsenal. The weapon struck the Adelkis's shield, taking them down. Xan's phaser strikes hit near the enemy's bridge, but was not doing enough damage. The last of the photon torpedoes, however, struck very near the bridge, and cripple the Adelkis badly. The "Potemkin" circled their enemy, trying to penetrate the hull plating around the warp core. They were unable to do so and chose to concentrate on weapon stores instead.

However, just when everything seemed to have fallen into Fuller's lap, the captain of the Adelkis showed his mettle. The ship had not fired a volley since the tricobalt device had struck its shields, but suddenly it lanced out with five torpedoes and a barrage of phaser fire. One of the torpedoes managed to get through and destroyed a good chunk of deck 4. Then, in a surprising move, the Adelkis detached its own bridge, which flew upward and exploded right of the 'Tem's bow! Xan returned what fire she could, phaser beams striking the Adelkis's port warp nacelle and knocking off line its warp drive. Fuller ordered that they take out either the enemy warp nacelle, ignite the plasma, or the weapons pod. Unfortunately, their wasn't much left to react with in the nacelle, so the shots were basically wasted.

The Adelkis didn't make any such mistakes and fired it's last torpedoes. They struck the "Potemkin's" port nacelle hard and suddenly the whole ship went black. It quickly faded to white - the simulation had ended. Ryan's team and won the day over Fuller's. Arnet walked into holodeck one to talk with losing group, while Warp went to congratulate the winners. They passed around the results and stated that the simulations were now over. It was time to get back out there!

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