A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Fury Unbridled

The Potemkin had moved to an orbit around Earth following the completion of tactical simulations three days ago. As one of the most capable starships in the sector, its services are required, uncertainty about the crew's fitness for duty or not. Three days beforehand, around the time the crew wrapped up their simulations, Weather Control Satellite 2 in orbit of Earth suddenly shut down. A cascade failure ensued; the entire network came down within minutes. The satellites remained offline and the situation on the planet was worsening. Without the satellites to guide atmospheric disturbances into peaceful oblivion, powerful storms are forming, with serious consequences on the usually-peaceful Earth. The crew was tasked with repairing Weather Control Satellite 2 and try to determine what had gone wrong. There was one complication: a strong hurricane, formed two days ago, was bearing down on North America with nothing but the to prevent it from smashing the peaceful cities of the eastern seaboard to smithereens!

An away team of Bom, Micheal, Ryan, Hara, and Melina were assembled in Transporter Room 1 to beam over and try to fix the satellite. They assembled on the transporter pad and were quickly whisked away by Nguyen to begin primary repairs. At the same time, Warp decided that the bridge crew should do some investigating of it's own and asked Arkin to scan for any exterior damage that could indicate weapons fire, and to trace an suspicious ion trails in the area.

Bom immediately split up his time into himself and Micheal, who would try and restore power, Ryan and Melina, who would hook up auxiliary power and try to diagnose the problem, and Hara, who would be on the look out for anything suspicious. Meanwhile, Arkin and Fuller's scans showed some scarping along the hull of the satellite, but no residual energy traces. It looked more like meteorite damage than anything else, suggesting the cause of the accident.

Bom's team found some power still running to environmental controls, and he and Micheal began to go from that to restore main power. After a bit of tampering, and with a bit of a large spark, power was restored to some of the satellite. During this time the 'Tem had been contacted by a power station in North America that reported they had lost energy. Warp decided to break away from the satellite and move into geosynchronous orbit and engage a energy transfer beam to the service. Fuller handled that while Arnet contact the away team to let them know of the new plans. Meanwhile, Arkin had found two ion trails that had been close to the satellite in the past couple days - a Vulcan freighter, the T'Ellur, and a runabout from Starbase 312, the Muskingum.

After Fuller initiate the energy transfer beam, a blue feedback loops snaked its way back toward the 'Tem. It hit, knocking down power primary, secondary, and emergency power. It then radiated out, hitting the satellite and causing it to temporarily regain full power, then go black, power up, and repeat the same cycle. Although things eventually stabilized, it didn't take Fuller and Arkin long to figure out that a simple feedback loop should not have shut down the Potemkin's power like it had. This gave them the idea that something had been in the loop itself, and it could provide a clue about what had caused the initial shutdown.

The satellite had full power restored, and the away team began to work on restoring full regular weather patterns. Warp also requested that Bom look in the sensor records and see if a pulse like the one they had just experienced could have hit the satellite and caused it to fail in the first place. At the same time he asked Arkin to try and duplicate the pulse in order to study it. Suddenly, another similar pulse traveled through the satellite and then the Potemkin - shutting down power on both.

Full power levels were eventually restored, but the mystery of the initial cause still remained. Arkin concluded that the surge had not started on the satellite or the 'Tem, and was working to triangulate the source. Acting on a hunch, Warp had Fuller concentrate full scans on the damage on the outside of the satellite. Bom had Ryan make sure the weather control programming had not been corrupted, while Melina continued to sort through the logs for any clues.

Warp's hunch seemed to prove correct, the surge reading seemed to be coming from the scarring on the outside of the satellite. When they realized this, another blue surge seemed to come up from the planet, strike the satellite, and then the Potemkin in quick succession. Power dropped in both places again. When they were returned, Bom suggested moving the satellite, just to get it out of the way of the pulses. Although there was some doubt that it would work, it was the only viable option.

Before the thrusters could be fired, however, another pulse originated from the surface and struck both space craft - only this time there was no total outage, the lights temporarily blinked and that was all. Bom, Arkin, and Warp all put their heads together to figure out where the pulses could be coming from. Arkin finally suggested that perhaps the pulses were attached to something emitting the same type of energy. After a few scans, she noticed there was a slight electomagnetic flux in the Earth's magnetic field had caused the pulses after the first attempt at power transfer.

Fuller reconfigured the deflector dish and began the power transfer again, while Bom was instructed to make similar modifications to the satellite's weather control systems. Finally the changes were made and the weather system was brought back online. With their job finished, the away team finally was able to beam back to the Potemkin.

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