A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

From Nguyen With Love/The Luckiest Man In Starfleet

Twenty-five years into a possible future, Captain Nguyen of the USS Potemkin revealed to the crew that due to a fortunate accident involving an alien device he has actually lived the same 30 plus years twice -- and that the second time he used his foreknowledge of events to change history (for the better and for the worst). Now he knew he has to correct his tampering, and the only way to do that was to jump back in time using the Guardian of Forever...

The sim opened with Nguyen laying out his plan to fight his way into the research center where the Guardian is housed. A small group comprised of himself, First Lieutenant Mitchell, Doctor Arnet, Counselor Jordan, Lieutenant Commander Michael, First Lieutenant Uatu and Lt. Hara would go down in a shuttlecraft. Meanwhile control of the bridge will pass to Yeoman Arkin who would try to hold off the ship patrolling the sector - the USS Trafalgar, under the command of Captain Prax. Everyone seemed uneasy about this plan, especially Arkin (who had begun a relationship with Nguyen) and Arnet (upset that in the alternate timeline his beloved wife was dead). However, everyone agreed that history had to be put straight.

Everyone prepared to erase and rewrite their very existence. The away team gathered in the hangar to board the Huang Ho while the bridge crew was set to work on getting rid of the shields surrounding the research facility. Eventually the runabout got underway, slipping gracefully toward the planet's surface. The crew took the last free moment they had to think of the relationships they had formed. Warp and Katie Kelson, Jordan and Ryan, Micheal and Melina, Arnet and Andrea O'Donnell, Nguyen and Arkin, etc...and then it was all over.

The Trafalgar appeared and demanded that the Potemkin leave immediately. There was no doubt that they had spotted the runabout heading toward the surface. Arkin pleaded to speak with Prax. He came on the main viewer, but it became obvious that he would not fall for any distraction and threatened to fire on the 'Tem or the Huang Ho if they did not leave the sector immediately. At the same time, the surface began firing at the runabout, causing a bumpy ride for the away team. Even Warp's fast flying could not stop the shuttle from being hit and soon it went in for a crash landing...

Prax ordered a warning shot fired over the 'Tem's bow, but when that failed to produce results, a capital starship battle was under way. Arkin could no longer concentrate on weakening the planet's shields as the Trafalgar was launching full spreads of every weapon in its arsenal. Down surface side, security teams were peppering the Huang Ho with phaser fire. The away team managed to get out of the runabout, but were pinned down by security forces.

Meanwhile, Arkin ordered that the 'Tem complete its mission and take out the planet's shields, despite that would leave itself open for direct attacks. They were successful, but they had taken critical damage. The away team was not fairing much better. They managed to get away toward some underground structures, but Uatu was picked off by phaser fire -- dead. Prax contacted the 'Tem, after doing severe damage, and offered one last chance for them to surrender. Understandably, the 'Tem did not comply.

This got steadily worse from there. Although the surviving members of the away team made it to Guardian, they were still hounded by security forces. They did find one scientist, Mary Mac, who stated that she had watched them through the Guardian and knew that what Nguyen was doing was right. Not much consolation after Micheal and Warp were both fatally wounded by phaser fire! Above in orbit Prax was merciless, and a few well aimed shots brought down the last of the 'Tem's shields. Then came the last attack...and the burning end of the once proud ship. All hands lost.

Surface side things became even worse. Jordan suddenly turned on Nguyen, holding him hostage. She revealed herself to be Rosa Klebb, a Romulan agent who had killed the real Rachel Jordan and taken her place. She would not allow Nguyen to change the timeline (one where the Romulan Empire was as strong as it had ever been). Just to prove she was not bluffing, she killed Hara and then shot Nguyen through the head at close range -- decapitating him.

Not sure what to think, Arnet killed the impostor, and then ran to the Guardian. As much as he couldn't live without Andrea, he knew he had to stop this. Calling up what he wanted, he jumped through to the Potemkin's past and destroyed the device the younger Nguyen was fiddling around with. Then, with his native timeline destroy, he slowly faded away....

All was at it should have been.

"Time has resumed its shape; all is as it was before. Many such journeys are possible. Let me be your gateway."

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