A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Fire and Water

The Potemkin-A, damaged from attacks by Nor and the Wotal Defense Vessels and also exploding shield emitters, had entered a degrading orbit around Wotal Prime and was on a course to collide with a Wotal city. In response, Fuller, Hara, Micheal, and Duran beamed over to the doomed ship in order to complete a saucer separation and hopefully have the two halves miss the city. Fuller was injured after transport and had to be taken back to the Potemkin-C for care. Ryan and Ti'Brus beamed over to take his place.

The away team immediately tried to initiate the saucer separation, only to be told that automatic sequences were no longer working. After searching around for a second option, they found that the manual separation procedures were also inoperable. As they weighed their options, the 'Tem-A began to descend into the upper levels of the Wotal atmosphere. All this had not gone unnoticed by Wotal, who contacted the Potemkin-C to inform them that this "incursion" would not go unpunished and that the ship had to leave their space in a matter of minutes. They were not listen to Commander Arkin's explanation and cut the channel after giving an ultimatum.

Meanwhile, the crew had the bright ideal of blowing the explosive bolts that would split the drive and saucer section. A quick look showed that the bolts still had power, and the away team quickly managed to set them off. The drive section split off and fell (relatively) harmlessly through the atmosphere. The saucer section began to skim off the atmosphere, but began to sink once again toward the planet's surface - and yet another Wotal city. Arkin ordered Melina to beam the away team back, but transporters were unable to get a lock.

As the saucer began to descend into the atmosphere, the hull buckled and groaned under the pressure. With less than a few minutes until impact, the away team began to consider that this might be their last hurrah. However, Ti'Brus had an idea to use the saucer's supplemental deflector. This he did and the saucer soon experienced an updraft, and slid over the city toward a more secluded location. However, there was not all good news - four Wotal Defense Vessels were approaching rapidly.

The Potemkin-C moved quickly into position over the expected touchdown point, however they were contacted by the Wotal to say that they had "allowed" the saucer to fall this far and that any crew members aboard would be detained and questioned. The saucer hit the water hard, skipping off the waves like a stone. It lurched several times, banging the away team about, until it finally came to a rest. With the saucer now beginning to sink, the away team decided to climb out onto the hull. As they made it outside however, eight Wotal also appeared and demanded the away team to halt. A brief firefight occurred, but finally the 'Tem-C was able to get a lock and beam the away team back aboard.

With the crew gone, the Wotal Defense ships retrieved their men and then opened fire on the saucer of the doomed 'Tem-A. As the manged ship sunk steadily to the bottom of the ocean, the Potemkin-C set course out of the Wotal system and sped off at warp 1.

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