A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Filler II

During a stop at Starbase 22, the crew was trying to find ways of dealing with the boredom that accompanied a layer at a space station. Warp found himself drawn toward the Tiber, the runabout most recently assigned to the Potemkin. Micheal and Melina decided that an outing in the starbase's holodecks could be a good chance to spend some long overdue time together. Arkin had plans of getting something to eat at the starbase, but a call from Ensign Amad drew her to the bridge. At the same time Fuller decided to spend some more time with his adoptive son and also thought a stop over in the mess hall would be appropriate.

Arkin found that Amad had tried, unsuccessfully, to download a program to his console and had ended up breaking it. It was a simple fix, but Arkin had to correct her subordinate about making unauthorized upgrades to ship systems. Micheal and Melina decided to enjoy Warp's sailing program, which Melina had fallen in love with before. Fuller ran into Ryan and the two decided to head off toward adventure together. While the crew was off milling about, Warp took the opportunity to take out the shuttle Indefatigable. With the glee that only a Starfleet captain could have, Warp observed the hull of his ship.

Melina and Micheal found the sailing to be quite relaxing and found a certain deep pool where to set down the anchor. Fuller and Ryan found Warp's holodeck program running and assumed the Captain was in there - they instantly thought of playing pirate once again. Warp had finished with his tour on the Indefatigable and was contemplating his next move when Arkin contacted him. She had gone to the Starbase after finding out that scientist there had been experimenting with artificially created dark matter. Warp joined her there where she began to tell him off all the dangers inherent in such an experiment. She didn't have to explain for very long - the reaction chamber she had been monitoring suddenly exploded!

The explosion set off a number of safety protocols, the most obvious being the holodecks were shut down immediately. Micheal and Melina suddenly realized that Fuller and Ryan were in the holodeck with them, and Warp and Arkin realized that if it hadn't exploded this time, it would certainly have the next time. The worse part, however, was that it was time for someone to explain all of this to Admiral Sorin...

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