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Exodus in A Major, Part II

The Potemkin-A had just reached the outskirts of the Wotal System following the successful retrieval of its away team, Ambassador Ser, and a few other government officials fleeing the capital in the shuttlecraft Ajax. Daimon Nor's marauder, Fortune's Favor, remained in orbit of the planet, and Rin had broadcasted no further messages about the state of affairs on the planet. It could be assumed that some of the planet's inhabitants were relieved, some were frightened, and some were preparing to run for their lives. As the sim opened, the ship has swung behind a large asteroid to prepare for the next move. The crew were assembled in the briefing room to discuss their next move.

Warp started the briefing by announcing that they were ordered to do what they could to help the established government take control back from Rin. He also revealed that by monitoring Wotal communication satellite they had learned that Rin was consolidating his power by conducting a thorough review of the military. Prax added that twenty to thirty percent of the military had resigned or refused to report for the review. The numbers were evenly distributed, so some sectors of the military - including repair and service operations were not functioning. If Rin could not overcome these problems his infrastructure would be down in two weeks time.

Ambassador Ser was eager for a counter-attack while Rin was still vulnerable, but Warp had to sadly inform her that the Federation could not interfere with a regime that apparently had the support of the Wotal people. The most the crew was allowed to do was to help any refugees fleeing the planet; however, Nor was still in orbit and would present a problem. Prax had the idea of stationing the 'Tem over the magnetic pole of Wotal Prime during the narrow time that Nor was on the other side of the planet from the 'Tem. By maintaining a link to the Wotal satellite grid, they could detect outbound ships.

The narrow window arrived and Warp ordered the ship to take its place. Fuller was dispatched to check out the 'Tem-A's offensive and defensive capability, while Jordan was asked to attend to a distraught Ambassador Ser. The 'Tem set course for Wotal Prime to get to the poles before Nor could detect them. Prax joined Bom in engineering to help hack into the satellite system to monitor any ships trying to leave Wotal. The mood was tense as everyone talked about the future of Wotal. Ser proved to be non-talkative and Fuller reported that the 'Tem-A had respectable ordinance, but nothing compared to the 'Tem-C.

With only four minutes until Nor came back into sensor range, a ship was detected leaving Wotal. When hailed, it identified itself as the refugee ship Aro. Warp told it to get as far away as possible and that it would defend it from any attack. However, by this time Nor's ship had just come back into sensor view. Warp ordered a tricky set of warp jumps to push the 'Tem over the magnetic pole before the Ferengi's sensors could detect it.

The ship arrived in its haven safely, but then the satellite network detected three ships leaving the Southern Hemisphere. Warp ordered the ship to remain hidden unless any other ship was detected trying to stop them. Another ship launched from the equator, while two from the Northern Hemisphere. One of the last two launched had armaments, and Nor was on an intercept course toward the ship that left the equator. About this time, the sensor grid suddenly cut out so Arkin could no longer detect fleeing vessel.

Rin dispersed a planet wide communication stating that the regime would allow those who want to leave the opportunity to do so; however, they had to get their plans cleared by the government. Warp sent out a counter communications that stated that the Potemkin would be there to support any ships leaving the surface. The 'Tem came out of hiding, immediately grabbing Nor's attention. The Ferengi hailed the Potemkin, telling Warp to retreat. When the captain refused, Nor cut the channel and Warp told the crew to ready themselves for battle stations...

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