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Excelsior Nights

Despite the rather odd circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the Potemkin-C and the appearance of the Potemkin-A, life had gone on for the crew. They had settled to their new surroundings, and Starfleet had seen fit to keep the crew on active duty. Three days had passed and the 'Tem stayed around Wotal Prime. There were still struggles on the Eastern Continent and Rin was on the move.

Flashes were evident from orbit as the two sides had at each other. A quick communique from Ser, however, confirmed that the insurgent army was descending out of the hills. They had the local people in an uproar and the ambassador was quick to ask for back up help. Warp was hesitant to provide said support because of limited crew, and the fact that people seemed to support the uprising. In the end, only a small defensive team was going to be sent to guard the capital. This elicited much controversy, mainly from Doctor Arnet, about the right course of action. Most felt that fighting against Rin was the right course of action, but it was also argued that this alien Saigon would fall and the crew would be caught on the wrong side. This view proved very unpopular.

Prax put together an away team consisting on Bom, Micheal, Fuller, and Hara. There first order of business was to collect some portable shield emitters to be used planet side. They met up with a group of security officers lugging the emitters and headed toward the Type VI shuttle Ajax. They departed the ship, getting in some playful banter as they headed toward the war zone.

Meanwhile, Warp had Melina try to establish communications with Rin. Soon they found a series of transmitters on the planet that could be used by the resistance. Arkin located one with much radio chatter, and thought it the best way of contacting Rin. They found him, but he responded with his usual animosity. Ignoring any chance of peace, he cut the channel by warning Warp to leave orbit. The captain was naturally a bit angered and ordered Melina to jam rebel communications as much as possible.

Planet side, the away team had the Wotal security forces unload the shield generators. The engineers then began to set them up as artillery began moving closer to the capital. Fuller, Hara, and Prax grabbed weapons to help in the defense of the city. At the same time, the 'Tem's sensors picked up an object coming in at warp that promptly disappeared. Fearing it was a cloaked ship, Warp had Melina and Arkin send out a probe using what he termed were "CWDS's" - a project from one of the 'Tem-A's old engineers.

The devices were a success, a cloaked ship was detected as it tried to make several evasive maneuvers. At the same time, Rin's forces reached the edge of the shield defending the capital. Prax ordered Bom to somehow shift the size of the parameter, and then gave the 'Tem a report of their current situation. However, the ship was having their own troubles - the cloaked ship turned out to be none other than a Ferengi marauder. Even worse, it was captain by Daimon Nor, the Ferengi captain the crew had dealt with before. Nor was quick to inform the crew that he had entered into a business dealing with Rin and gave Mitchell a 30 second ultimatum.

Fighting was breaking out all over the capital and the shields were taking quite a pounding. Warp tried to negotiate to have Nor back down, but he ultimately failed. Nor fired down onto the capital city, sorely taxing the shield's strength. There is no choice but to evacuate the capital. Ser, the Prime Minister, and about 10 other people make it to the shuttle. A few more shots from the marauder took out the shields completely, and the shuttle took off for the 'Tem. On the ground, Rin's forced quickly poured into the capital.

After picking up the shuttle, a general broadcast was received from the surface. Rin announced that his take over was total - he had won. He had won, and only ten people had been saved...

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